ashley is turning twenty on friday.

and she's moving to LA. this is going to bring up quite a dilema.

the first problem is obvious, what do you give a girl who likes everything?

well, fortunatley for us, she has several wishlists. so if you were a guy who felt it would be gay to give me something off my wishlist, or you dont wanna give me a buck for my Snoop Deville cuz you think it's just gonna go up my nose, feel free to stoke the newest capricorn to arrive in california.

the real tragedy is going to come when she moves here and discovers that im fun to visit but not all that great to live near. so many others have learned this lesson that you'd think the new ones would get the hint, but not even im that good at taking hints, but im learning.

no one brings in a wider spectrum of feedback than when i write about ashley. the boys seem to like her and ask for more, the girls dont like her at all and
do their best to ignore her.

me, i think shes a dream come true. theres always
stuff to say about her, there's always a picture,
i get to take a break from writing about moi,
and shes a good soul and good souls
should be rewarded more.

give till it hurts
there will be
photos of
all gifts,



ashley's wishlists
victoria's secret