what would marc brown do? the boy thought
as she drove him home.
she pulled over under a dirty frisco streetlight.
she had a secret that she didnt think hed find out.
one thing you need to know about sonny i. lavista
he eventually finds everything out.
then he tells you.
i had a great time tonight he said
yeah me too that movie was so good she said
sonny liked all kinds of girls
she happened to be from hawaii
she was japanese and a photographer
at the federal agency that they both worked at.
he leaned over to kiss her and she
well, she closed her eyes
and sucked in her full hawaiian lips
are you saying you dont want a kiss?
she opened her eyes but kept her mouth shut
she knew he'd say something
come on, maui, we're both young, single, smart
, single.
she kept quiet.
kissing's the best, i'll show ya. it's easy when you try.
she smiled. she'd been laughing all night. but remained silent.
oh, i see, you've never kissed a black guy.
so? she said.
so maybe you're stuck up.
im not stuck up.
prove it.
if it werent for the radio softly playing the latest
depeche mode single they'd have only heard the dull
groans of a local street gentleman standing up for
the first time since passing out early in the day.
i dont have to prove anything to you.
good then kiss me. you know you want to.
it's written all over your face.
and whats that, you want what? now im reading your mind.
kiss me, halekalahea. kiss me like you want to.
he leaned over and she leaned away.
he caught a whiff of her perfume
it was Poison by Dior
he knew cuz his true love once wore it.
kiss me, you fool. he said again and he puckered up good.
she looked at him and shook her head in disbelief.
why do you want to kiss me so badly
she asked and sneered at him
and he looked at her
and checked her out
and said cuz it would be so good
right now and you know it too.

she said, maybe next time
he said, i cant believe you're so scared
it's a kiss is all it is, lips, breath, tongue, passion...
tongue? she questioned critically.
exactly what side of the volcano did
you wake up on today, of course tongue,
he said, that's the craziest part.
he said im sure you brushed your teeth
why, cuz you were hoping
hoping id smooch you
a good one, oh yeah.
he smiled the whole time.
she said get over yourself.
he said i see those flushed cheeks
i bet when you picked out your underwear
you were thinking thoughts that i know you were thinking and she said
i didnt wear any underwear tonight
and for once all night
the boy didnt have his mouth going
a spark from a passing electric bus lit up the car just long enough for the girl to get a good target and pressed her lips against his
and then backed away.
happy? she said. not really, he answered.
it wasnt that good of a kiss, he said.
she could tell he wasnt lying.
it's ok, he said, i'll give you another try at it.
she said get out.
he said, kiss me for real this time.
she grabbed his head with both hands and gave him a long hard kiss like he had been badgering her for for nearly an hour in that car
and when she was done he floated home.

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