supertsar7 : Speaking of sports, is it ok to talk publicly about SportsFilter yet?the next big thing in talking smack
OliverWill : yes, it is
supertsar7 : great, what is your role in SportsFilter?
OliverWill : well, i own part of it, help with administration, and write a weekly column as well as just participating like other members of the community
supertsar7 : aren't you also one of the creators of it?
OliverWill : yeah, that too
supertsar7 : no need to be modest
OliverWill : thats the last thing anyone would call me
supertsar7 : well, i must say it looks terrific, how successfull has it been so far?
OliverWill : well, we're over 200 members in just about 3 weeks without much publicity and the level of conversation is as good as we hoped
supertsar7 : How have the 200+ members heard about it?
OliverWill : either through posts on my site, a couple other odd links and via metafilter comments
supertsar7 : What is SportsFilter's relationship to MetaFilter?
OliverWill : the founders/owners are all part of the Metafilter community, and we contracted the owner of Metafilter - Matt Haughey - to build the backend for us. Plus there's a lot of crossover in membership
supertsar7 : is it true that this simple comment in MetaFilter started the creation of SportsFilter?
OliverWill : more or less. we got together on email a little after that and things went from there
supertsar7 : amazing that a comment could be the spark to launch a site
OliverWill : things on the web are always simpler than people make them out to be
supertsar7 : what are some of your goals of SportsFilter?
OliverWill : just to build a viable alternative to other sports venues on the web that aren't as smart or intelligent as they should be
supertsar7 : a venue where people could talk about sports in an intelligent way?
OliverWill : yes
supertsar7 : so would a guy like Jim Rome be accepted in a place like SportsFilter, or is he too obnoxious?
OliverWill : he probably would be, because his tone is more obnoxious than what he's saying. I'm talking more along the lines of "Dalls Sucks! No they don't, Washington SUCKS!" etc, etc. without a supporting argument of any sort