today is Greg's birthday and i have so many stories about our hero that i dont even know where to begin, so let's just review some of the things i like about this fella: has an MFA in oil painting, has about 352627 guitars which he shreds on better than anyone alive, has an incredibly talented and cheerful spouse, has a killer pad that he is not renting but paying a mortgage on (my hero), has a super fast internet connection, has a nice personal site, has a very nice blog, has a very insightful secret site that he kept secret for like six months or some shit, has the love an respect of everyone he meets. i met Greg, could it be, 14 years ago?!?! in the dorms. he lived two stories above me. he was in the best band in school, which was saying something back then. after college we became roommates right around the time of the Northridge quake, formed Chopper One together with our other roommate Jeff, starred in a short film that he directed, and later stood up at his wedding. in all these years we have never gone golfing, come to blows (outside of the film), stopped playing his rock opera, or allowed our vastly opposing religious beliefs to get in the way of our priceless friendship. Greg is an artist who makes his money in IT, greg is a guitarist who can play with his teeth better than those who still strum with their fingers, he is a revolutionary master of everything, a one man hootenanny, the bridge between my stoner hippy friends and my drunken nexus friends. better than anyone you know. and today's most valueable birthday boy.








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