sometimes the rain will come
and the gutters fill
and then it stops and the clouds go
and the squirrels return
to their palm trees,
and i saw rosalita
get out of her best friend's
dodge neon
and i dropped my jaw
and she saw me
sometimes i can be so super cool
and other times
i am a total imbecile
this religious guy
wrote me up and said
that not all christians
dont go to church on easter.
he said that the names
of jesus's brothers
doesnt matter a lick.
he put quotes around
when he addressed me.
theres so many ways
to skin a cat.
i ran into rosalita
at the vons
about a month ago.
she looked at me and giggled
theres worse things than having
a hot chick know that you think
that shes a hot chick.
i was pricing ground turkey
she had her eye on the chicken
i leaned in and said if you tell me
your phone number
i swear i'll remember it
and i cant remember a thing.
she laughed, fiddled with the plastic
wrapped packages of thighs
and leaned back: sex sex sex
and i thought four more numbers
you lucky bastard, all you have
to remember is four more numbers
and all you have to remember
religious guy, who emailed me,
is that you can shove your
quotation marks
right up your ass.