saturday's mary's birthday

my first kiss was angela romano, then diane poliakoff, then her sister heather.

i think that was it until i met mary and i didnt kiss her until two years after we met.

because i was an ass, i didnt make my move on mary until a month before she was about to relocate half way across the country.

we had talked on the phone for two years before i was given the opportunity to either go for it or forever hold my peace.

in a weird way it was great that she was moving because if her dad hadnt gotten transferred i doubt i would have ever tried to kiss her, because i didnt think that a girl as great as her would ever like a retard like me.

we kissed the one night and i called her the next night and we went to her elementary school parking lot and parked and held hands and talked and talked and she showed me around the playground that she grew up in.

the next night we went to my elementary school and hung out there and told stories and swung on the swings.

and doing that with the girl of your dreams washes away all of any bad that ever happened in those very special places. everything was suddenly sealed with a kiss and blown away gently into the blissful past.

later that week we went to her highschool parking lot, then mine, then around our towns, then she flew away.

mary is now the mom of two incredibly cute little boys, shes not only a soccer mom, but the cub scout leader, and the hottest mom on the block. she turned down an opportunity to be vice president of the coolest place in her city cuz she wanted to be able to be a better mom and spend more time with her boys. she takes them to church every sunday and the priests know her by name.

lord knows why ive been getting interviewed a bunch lately but i told this one gifted writer that i have been lucky enough to meet several perfect people. first was my mom, then my grandmothers, then walter payton, then mary.

not to say that there was ever one thing bad about angela romano who played spin the bottle that night in 6th grade despite her boyfriend dave, my best friend, having to miss the party due to illness and took me into the bathroom and lined our heads up, flicked off the light switch and started this whole mess.

or diane who was the smartest girl in school. or her younger sister who legally, i swear, changed her last name to pierce, coincidentally, right after diane dared her to kiss me.

i couldnt make that up. and mary is still better than all of them combined. + blog + email + more mary