me and karisa have an interesting relationship.

anyone who knows me knows that i like to stay in my house and watch baseball on satelite and drink liters of rum and make stupid web pages.

so all week after the dodger game she emailed me at work saying, lets hang out more, why dont we hang out more?

and i said it's because whenever we hang out, all the attention gets paid to you and not me and it makes me jealous and then i get upset that im jealous.

she said, i thought you dont get jealous. i said, i dont get jealous if guys are slobbering over you or hitting on you or hitting on girls that im with, i get-- whatever, forget it. no i dont want to hang out with you this weekend, no offense, im tired, its been a hard week, i just want to chill out and watch baseball.

but karisa doesn't take no for an answer and on saturday morning bright and early there she was ready to take me on a secret road trip.