my dilema wasnt whether i was going to use the mysterious ticket that was ridiculously close to the stage in the v.i.p. section, but whether i was going to spend $7.50 on each Bud, or throw down $10 for each Red Hook.

even though i was being flowed the beers, it was still a decision that i struggled with, but as i saw that not the only people who attend these sorts of concerts are very young girls, i ordered up two red hooks and left a sweet tip.

all sorts of people were at the show: hot babes, hot moms, gay guys, fat guys, little kids, super little kids, little kids dressed up dirty and tasteless, college girls dressed up slutty and amazing, girls dressed as catholic school britney, girls dressed as sweet britney.

everyone had those low rider jeans. it made you think they dont sell any other kind any more.

me, i just drank the first one, then i drank the second one and waited for niki costa to finish warming up the crowd.