"show me your glow sticks," niki demanded and the little girls screamed and waved their five dollar green and blue glow sticks in the air.

i realized that since the average age of the audience was about 14, not many people would have lighters to create that rock concert ambience.

so whoever thought of the glowsticks for the kids was a financial genius and a logistical visionary.

this little 7 year old kid next to me was about to lose her glowstick, i thought to myself, if she smacks me in the head one more time.

and almost as if i willed it, out of the blue she chucked it to see if it would hit the stage.

it hit a burley securtity guard who was standing next to the stage.

he looked at us and i pointed at the child.

he laughed and went back to looking at the scantilly dressed ladies of los angeles.