sally: hello
tony: sorry i gave up on you and started too make dinner
sally: everybody gives up on me eventually
tony: :p
tony: not going to Siouxsie tonight?
sally: no, i am not feeling too good today.
tony: im sorry to hear that
tony: so can i ask you some questions about your blog?
tony: you have to promise not to take anything the wrong way ok?
sally: uhmmm... fine
tony: anything you dont want me to put up i wont, ok?
sally: sure
tony: is everything on your blog true?
sally: mostly
tony: i Love your blog, i hope you know
sally: thanks. actually, i never knew what would come of it when i started typing.
sally: i didn't think i would post for more than a few days
tony: ok, weird question, but are you really a girl?
sally: yuck, and i don't even have to check.
tony: why yuck?
sally: most girls are squishy and i hate that
tony: what is squishy?
sally: i mean, girls aren't streamlined...
tony: youre losing me
sally: let me try to explain
sally: girls are just fattier in general compared to men, and i don't want to deal with that.
sally: squishy=soft=fat

sally: just trying to be politically correct
tony: ah, ok now i see
tony: so you dont like anyone who isnt skinny?
sally: everyone thinks that, but it's not true...
sally: i have come to understand that i am *jealous* that larger people have esteem and happiness
sally: i question where other people get that esteem, but always come back to the fact that i have worked very hard to make myself sick about food/no food, and that other people don't criticize themselves near as much as me.

tony: what astrological sign are you?
sally: sag