the day before it rained like a bitch. and i stay up pretty late.
and i caught the jimmy kimmel show and there was a ticker
rolling beneath the show and it said some shit about a winter storm warning.
now i have lived in los angeles for a long time and i dont remember seeing any damn
winter storm warnings before. its not like we get a lot of snow
or hail or ice or hurricanes or even winter storms
so i payed a little more attention to the ticker than i normally would.
and sure enough there was a lot of rain in the forecast and wind
and cold air and if you were planning on going up to the mountains
you were being told to bring chains
and if you had to walk to the busstop
you were being told to bring galloshes.
and i went to bed at 3am
like i will probably do tonight,
and i turned on my electric blanket
and i was cold at first
but soon i was fast asleep.
by fast i mean within four minutes.
usually im superfast.