the general consensus was that cock was rock. that going out there and doing that while singing your top forty hit was punk rock especially when you sang it with gusto especially when you sang it with a straight face, but obviously especially when you sang it with your shoulders back and your stuff being stared at as you moved around the stage without even once seemingly worried about the guitar necks and drum sticks or drunk girls who ran on stage to hug you.

eve six hadnt played a memorable song the entire night and yet they stole the show and endeared them to a cast of hundreds. they rewrote the history books and cheated and everyone knows if you dont cheat youre not trying and eve six is definately trying. some might even say theyre doing.

so heres to you whatever your name is and your fearless orange tallywacker. you arrived you saw you conquered. then you came to my house and insinuated that you wanted to get naked right in the middle of the party and as a polite host i couldnt object but as an even more polite guest you simply drank and behaved yourself properly as your hot girlfriend tugged at your dressshirt. + busblog + read it again + home