karisa claims that she hasnt seen fireworks in los angeles in the three years that shes lived here. i tell her its cuz shes the fireworks. but she does have a legitimate beef. the problem is theres stars everywhere, excitement everywhere, explosions every day, all over, especially in the air, that fourth of july in tinsle town is just a day off from creating spectacles to ooh and ahh over. i was invited to several celebrations, the last of which rocked high atop laurel canyon where this was the view from several decks and the living room and the bed rooms. it was the home of an entertainment lawyer who represented several big named stars. i forget her relation to my ex girlfriend jeanine but there was one and when jeanine introduced me as her first boyfriend and guardian angel the woman said oh so this is tony, its so good to finally meet you. jeanine knew a lot of people at this party and they were all very nice and there was lots of food being barbequed and a variety of mixed and soft drinks and beer and beer and the most wonderful twisty mountain road to get to the top of the canyon so as we could look down at hollywood and count our lucky stars.

it seems like all the stars are mine and theyre all lucky, lately. good health good friends good fortune and theres a few ways you can play a hand like that, and what i learned from the good people of last nights last party is that sometimes the path of the straight and narrow can be a twisty squirlley poorly lit and heavilly taxxed avenue. bush tried to take awe away from our vocabularies and maybe u two can bring it back. but thats how i play the hand, with awe, and a computer and a camera, and you. hollywood was perfect yesterday. it was warm and then hot and then warm and then perfect. if you were in the valleys or in hollywood you were sweating, if you were at the beach you were loving. so first thing i did was write two blog enteries and then the yankees redsox game and then the cubs cardinals game and then i went to a hollywood party with rosalita and then i bought an apple pie from the house of pies mere blocks away from where jeanine was born and raised, and then i went home and burned her some compact discs from my personal collection for her private use only and then i went west young man, to the beach. >>

fourth of july