t o n y p i e r c e . c o m

it was coulter's bachelor party. after dating his true love for fifty five years, she was finally going to make
an honest man out of him. so his family and friends decided to gather in los angeles and throw him
the finest bachelor party weekend ever.
the first night, it had been decided would celebrate the masculine side of the man called steve.
in the morning they would eat cereal and shoot guns, then in the evening we would go to the track,
then in the nighttime there would be drinking and laughing and drinking in a hotel room by the airport.
the next day would be a feminine day, a long drive to palm springs for massages, facials, and
fruit flavored poolside cocktails in the desert sun.

this reporter was given access to the bachelor party for just a few hours,
those spent at the hollywood park race track.
i was actually invited to all of it, but i couldnt show them just how
accurate i can be with a sidearm
and the facials just sounded gay.
but the track, with my good friends, on a friday night,
on buck beer night, in a park named after hollywood,
and yet miles away.
well, of course i would be there.





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