tsar + spaceland + silver lake
california + usa + 7/12/03




jim freak, one of the big time music writers in la, had his birthday party saturday night at the best club in los angeles, spaceland, and he booked the best band in hollywood, tsar.

also on the bill was the cars cover band, candy-o, who sounded just like the cars, except everyone was either in their 40s or who cares, tsar played and they made a joyful noise and the crowd screamed and the band rocked and let me tell you this right now and i will forever hold my peace: hollywood records has the next big thing and now is the time and if you waste this one you will not only be laughed at and pointed at forever, but you might actually send the message to the kids that great music not good music but great music and great songs and great stage performances and originality and dual guitar attack and drumming like you cant even keep up with is not welcome.

hollywood records, you have weapons of mass destruction. and a pinkish orange spot lit their asses last night and we bore witness and it was good, motherfuckers. and it was good.

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