nobody said that i would be the most constitutional president
but neither is our current one and no one cares.

by the way, how come nobody is complaining that gasoline prices went up fifty cents in the last ten days?

so i would lock up people who send out computer viruses and keep them in jail for twenty years. and their lawyers would say cruel and unusual punishment and i would say that their crime is cruel and unusual and everyone would agree with me and they would rot in jail and guess what, nobody would send out bullshit viruses any more.

you want to talk about terrorism? you should see my in box.

id also let people who ratted out virus senders to decide whether they wanted two million dollars, tax free, or to never have to pay taxes again for life.

people would turn in every single virus creator in about five minutes. the criminals would then die in america's prisons, unless they wanted to make terribly violent video games for the State. so twisted i cant even tell you about them here on the Internet in fear of dirtying the web.

and id pay them fourty cents an hour. and id charge people a hundred bucks a game. and we'd give all the money to public schools and i'll tell you what, those games would make grand theft auto iii seem like pole position. and there wouldnt be one ig'nant child in these 50 states.
threats from the first black president