detroit: dude who flamed out
seattle: dude whose trade got vetoed
yankees: the commisioner
dodgers: me


hey liar aka detroit
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii)
why dont you do yourself a favor

before you ruin your credibility by posting an private email that you instigated

just apologize for lying and shut the hell up

otherwise, if you post that email you will be found out for being a liar cuz i never said "trade with me or else..." or anything to that effect

but also you will be now known as someone who sets traps for people not only to get what they want from other teams

but you email others and then post those emails

cut your losses and just apologize


Why cause i can prove YOU wrong...
by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 8:28pm
i just read your e-mail again...AND YOUR FULL OF SHIT....

YOU need to apologize not me...


how am i a liar if i never said
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:29pm
"trade with me or else"?

which is what you accused me of saying?


Its in the E-mail.........
by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 8:30pm
i;m figuring it out hold on DODGERS....



to refresh your memory tigers
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:31pm
this is what you accused me of saying


im not denying that i said you owe me one, infact i stand behind that, but i never said you better trade me power or speed or else

therefore youre a liar and your word means nothing and private emails to you and deals are bs because when you are in a corner you will tell everyone some of the story and then lie



think about it tigers
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:35pm
why on earth would i say trade with me or else?

i have no power for an "or else"

im not the commish

i dont know your address and will tp your house if you dont trade with me

plus you had just screwed me openly on a trade

dont you think i would know that if i had said something as dumb as that youd be a woman and post a private email?

just apologize and move on


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 8:36pm
i'm trying to find the e-mail....


find the email then
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:37pm
and read it.

youre delusional.

and if i didnt say "or else" you need to apologize like a man.


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 8:37pm
TO TOU!!!!!!!!! Your a Bully, and i would never do that..


by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:39pm
a bully?

what sort of league is this?

people have called me a baby, theyve mentioned breast milk, you even LOL'ed me when atlanta rose from the dead to take a shot on me, and you want to call me a bully

all while youre discovering that you lied about me on these boards?

"never" apologize, even once you have found out that you were wrong?

thats quite a way to go out tigers.

if anyone dares trust you after this theyre fools.


This league is a bunch of bullshit - I AM OUT
by: Seattle Mariners (idiotinseattle20) Aug 1 8:40pm
Got better things to do than waste time. The trade helped Tigers and helped me. Rondell White is hitting over .300 and Lawton is a good OF in a 20 team league.

Vetoing that trade was bullshit.


Dodgers you are nothing a a queer pussy
by: Seattle Mariners (idiotinseattle20) Aug 1 8:42pm
.... I have seen much worse trades go through than that.

As for you Dodgers - you were being a crybaby about Walker and I SAID he was injury prone.


seattle who are you kidding
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:43pm
you were out two weeks ago

detroit may lie and not want to be a man about admitting that he lied about me, but he was about to knock you out.

quitting only makes you look like... a quitter.



by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 8:44pm
I'm out to.....Lock me out.....

Dodgers tells me I screwed him in a public message, NOW I OWE him, and trade like it...

Thats what the e-mail said......

I'm done with this league, i'm not playing with DODGERS

PLEASE lock me out i"m done!!!!


tigers before you leave
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:45pm
tell everyone if i said anything along the lines of "trade with me or else"


Have fun playing my benched team
by: Seattle Mariners (idiotinseattle20) Aug 1 8:46pm


pssst, seattle, aka quitter
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:49pm
i think the commish will probably take over your team and start your players.

not to ruin your night or anything

but the commish hasnt let any team intentionally throw a series before, i doubt he'll let it happen this week.

i can only assume that he will lock both you and tigers out and give you both your best lineups and wash his hands at both of you.


oh very nice seattle
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:53pm
dumping your team now, huh?

interesting how everyone said that i was a baby, and i cried, when i never did anything even close to what youre doing right now.



Have fun playing with yourself Dodgers
by: Seattle Mariners (idiotinseattle20) Aug 1 8:57pm
You are really good at it I am sure.


what the heck is going on here??????
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 8:58pm
why are you dumping your team mariners


why are you ruining the league???
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 8:58pm
i don't understand that is not right


by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 8:59pm
if you recall, a while back seattle warned us all that he would do something along these lines if one of his trades got vetoed

and it just happened.

before he did it though, he threatened to throw his series with detroit.

class act.

and not a baby at all.


you could of benched your players
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:03pm
this is pissing me off now i got to fix this thanks seattle i've done nothing to you and you do this what a big man you are


yanks let me spell it out to you
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 9:04pm
seattle knew he had no chance to get in the playoffs

he couldnt even beat a team that hadnt played since may

he tried to take it out on me because... well, i guess im an easy target since i dont take anyones crap, and i call bs on bs trades

he made that trade with tigers

who knows, maybe he is tigers... who knows

anyway, you vetoed it and that was the last straw

maybe he thinks i had something to do with it cuz he didnt say f yankees, he cried out against me

and then he ran off and dumped his team right after detroit threatened to quit

i think they both just want your attention.

and deserve to be locked out -- after you restore their lineups, of course.

<img align="right" hspace="11" src="">++++++++++++++

i can't believe this
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:06pm
one trade out of a million that been approved in this league seattle starts whining i don' see how this is a big deal


Tigers where are you
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:06pm


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 9:06pm
your the reason i'm not playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THATS THE ONLY REASON, I DIDN'T DROP MY FUCKING TEAM, CAUSE i like yanks a'S whit sox twins cards.........FOR THEM asshole not your bully ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok i suggest ...
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:09pm
that dodgers and tigers don't talk with each other

tigers you know that ur going to make the other teams upset by not playing


by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 9:09pm
if anyone started anything it was you yesterday.

then today you tried to spread lies about me

and once i called you out on it, and gave you a chance to apologize, you refused.

i tried to help you out by telling you how you could avoid all this. instead you tried to be all tough and proud.

you know i didnt say what you said i said.

how am i a bully for defending my good name?

(which looks really good right now)


I e-mailed YAnks....
by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 9:09pm
and explained to him this was going to happen, theres to many people in this league that can't stand Dodgers. Cause of his Cry-baby act, and bullying shit!!!!

And it happened with Mariners and now me!!!


Mariners say something
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:10pm
i know your there defend yourself to me not Dodgers you don't have to talk to him


yanks, i will agree to what you want
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 9:11pm
but tigers said i said something that is not true.

he lied about me and wont be truthful about it.

yes its a bummer when any active team stops playing

but its far worse to be slandered - and once the real liar is revealed, not get some sort of completion about the matter

tigers lied about me and wont admit it. if you want me to clam up about all this seattle stuff, i dont think im out of line to request an apology from detroit.


don't even bother dodgers
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:12pm
who cares if you get an apology from tigers just let it go and play your team


by the way tigers
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 9:14pm
just this week probably 5-6 teams have talked crap about me

who's the bully in that situation?

the whole time i tried to get people to play fair and talk about baseball

the only thing im guilty of is defending myself through a stupid box on a computer screen

if you want to pretend that i can bully you through that box, then all of you have been bullying me into quit standing up for what i believe in - fair play.


where did everyone go
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:18pm
this is not right you people are being very immature


yanks, who cares if i get an apology?
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 9:20pm
i care.

ive taken a ton of crap for simply asking for one thing: fair play.

then all of a sudden tigers calls me a liar.

turned out, he was the liar.

and as soon as he found out he was the liar he kept lashing out at me by now calling me a bully.

smack talk is one thing "my team is gonna cream yours" but when you start spreading lies thats a whole bigger can of worms - especially when youre the least-liked team, whose climbing in the standings.

tigers got caught trying to defame me, and if you want me to clam up, which im willing to do, i just want whats right, an apology.

i dont think thats asking too much.


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 9:28pm
I found it.....

I screwed you in a public forum, AND I OWE so trade like it!!!

So what does that mean??? thats the final statement of the e-mail, thers other harsh stuff in this e-mail, want me to ewad all od it?????

<img align="left" hspace="11" src="">+++++++++++++++++

tigers aka liar
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 9:33pm
where does it say "or else"?

you wrote me an email saying how sorry you were and that you would send me some trade offers

so then you sent me two trade offers both of which included players who are either going to be out for most of the season or players who had just got hurt

so i wrote you back and said dude, you used me and if youre sorry act like it. and yes, you owe me because you got your RP minutes after you tricked me into telling everyone what i was willing to unload for Floyd.

so i said if youre going to apologize and trade with me, trade with me like you mean it.

that is not bullying, that is not saying "or else" that is saying either stop bs'ing me and wasting wasting my time, or offer me something good.

if you want to twist that in your little mind as being something that its not, thats your trip, not mine.

apologize for saying that i said "trade with me or else" because that is not at all what i said and that is not at all the tone of that private email.


stop this nonsense please
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:34pm
please dodgers no more instigating just play your baseball team


yanks im just answering the question
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 9:37pm
tigers called me out, and claimed that i was a liar and a bully.

please explain to me how i instigated an email that HE wrote to me... or a post where he said that i said "trade with me or else"?

i have great respect for you yankees, but i do not see how i am the one who needs to shut up.


you both need to stop talking to each other
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:39pm
i said stop instigating in that stop trying to get tigers to apologize to you you just getting him even madder don't even bother


yanks, because youre the commish
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 9:45pm
i will do as you say.

but when you get called a liar and it turns out that your accuser is actually the liar, i will not tell you that you need to back down.

i was wronged.

the reason tigers is getting madder and madder is cuz he knows that im right.

i have never liked emails in these leagues, and i said so in the public forum not that long ago.

if our exchange had been in public everyone would have known that i hadnt said that.

tigers' silence proves that he knows that he was wrong to say that i said "trade with me or else" and even though thats not good enough for me, it will do for the time being.

but i disagree with you commish, respectfully. if you read the comments of the last few days in regards to me, you will see me taking shots from everyone. and all i did was defend myself and asking people to keep it about baseball.

tonight some of those who threw around names like "baby" and "whiner" and "girlie" ended up being those very same things. and one of them quit and yelled at me even though i had nothing to do with the veto.

if you wont make tigers apologize for saying that i said something that i didnt say - for lying about me - then at least tell everyone that i had zero to do with that veto and i didnt email you or say crap about that trade.

if you do that, then i will put this to rest.


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 9:46pm
go fuck your self your the twisted PUNK. I never used you on that trade.....Thats were this is coming from with you!!!!



by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:49pm
stop talking to him please he had nothing to do with the trade veto i swear to god


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 9:53pm
my anger goes farther then the veto, i;ll trade him to another team, did you see the game. Duke is awsome right now....Dodgers is a flat out trouble maker. and i;m not the only team that says that. Dodgers says he's the voice of the gm' lol lol I'm the voice thats saying I want him out.


No Yanks Dodgers is a liar.....
by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 9:55pm
believe his bullshit, and believe he's the reason i'm out..


but tigers
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 9:56pm
what seattle did was out of line if he wanted to quit then he should of quit like a man not dropping his players thats whats pissing me off


commish, do i have to still be quiet?
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 10:03pm
tigers is lying again about me

ive never said i was the voice of anyone - especially the voice of the GMs!

half the GMs were talking crap about me, how could i be the voice of the GMs?

anyway, you might already know about this, but if you dont, heres what you can do about the players that Seattle dropped

Commissioners Tools Edit Player's Waiver Dates

once there you can change all the wiaver dates to 8/2. then tomorrow or tuesday you can put the players back on Seattle

inthe meantime you may want to bench all of Detroit and Seattle's players cuz its not really fair to the rest of us that Detroit gets free points.


you don't have to be quite
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 10:06pm
just don't talk with tigers

thanks but i new that already


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 10:22pm
The first time Dodgers says anything about me/team i'm out.

I won't drop my players, but i won't play...Until Football.

And i won't say anything to dodgers, but the first time he plays games i'm done. If your not going to kick him out....


alright then....
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 10:25pm
don't talk to dodgers at all don;t even respond to his questions if he has any ignore him


by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 10:26pm
can you please stop leaving posts about tigers this is the last time im going to say this just play your baseball team


But he better be cool.....
by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 10:27pm
cause i'm sick off his crap...

He fucks with the league for shits and giggles.....


yanks i havent said crap
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 10:37pm
tigers gets to make up new lies about me and i have to shut up?

this is what i suggest. think about it.

tigers and seattle are pissed because their trade got vetoed.

we're passed the point where any more trades are necessarry as there are teams that either are out of it, like seattle, or teams that are about to be out of it.

if you lock trades from here on out then we can do as you suggest i do which is just play ball.

there have been 5 1/2 pages of trades. theyre really the only thing fueling the anger in the league. if you lock trades from here on out then people like seattle and detroit cant be pissy any more.

mlb had their trade deadline yesterday, if we do the same then we can all play with what we have and there wont be this childish drama.


i can't do that dodgers...
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 10:41pm
stop leaving these posts about tigers and mariners its over seattle is locked i don't want to lock more teams

i can't end trade deadline unless all the other teams agree with that


im done for the night...
by: New York Yankees (thechamps_07) Aug 1 10:42pm
you guys gave me a migrane headache tonight i need to rest i'll be on tommorrow night


I don't agree.....Yanks....
by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 10:42pm
suddenly i have a BIG hole in my outfield..

I need to make a MAJOR MOVE.


by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 1 10:46pm
then let me ask you this. can you at least ask the top ten GMs what they think.

im all for democracy. in fact im one of the few people who have said that this league be more democratic.

ask the league what they think.

im not even in the top 6 and im confident with my team.

Cards has barely made any trades and i bet he's happy with his team.

detroit got caught in a lie, now hes making more, and youre asking me to shut up after 6 teams went at me over the last few days. you didnt tell any of them to shut up.

so before you treat me like i did something wrong, please think about my suggestion for keeping the peace and either stop the trades or ask the other GMs their opinoin.

and if you look at the posts on the board you will see that not only have i simply been defending myself, alone, but i have asked people to keep it about baseball. please let me know how i am the bad guy in this situation. detroit lied about me and wont admit it. what am i supposed to do? pretend like he's right?

he probably sent you the email. if he did, you be the bigger man and let everyone know that i never said, "trade with me or else".


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 11:05pm
i'm getting upset with dodgers again......

I'm not a liar......So i'm out iwasn't joking.....


I never admitted to Yanks about nothing...
by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 11:07pm
dodgers loves stirring shit up....


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 11:18pm
i sent e-mail......explaining why i'm done playing....


by: Detroit Tigers (mrkingpainting) Aug 1 11:23pm
I never lied, you confuse fact from fiction. like you said you had to defend 6 other teams this weekend, thats what i'm talking about...You always stir SHIT UP.


I never have that problem, just with you....


Is this Days of our Lives?
by: Baltimore Orioles (funkstrong2004) Aug 2 7:17am
Or Fantasy Baseball? Christ you guys. I realize that this league is just a bit messed up with millions of trades, but don't let it be THAT big of a deal. Some people haven't been that active and have been fleeced of their players but there's not much we can do about it. It really proves how much League votes on trades helps. Next year I'm sure thats what we'll have.


nice going Dodgers
by: Chicago White Sox (nyyankees549o) Aug 2 8:07am
u fucking cunt rag


whatever Sox
by: Los Angeles Dodgers (tonypierceiii) Aug 2 8:15am
those two teams (if in fact they were two seperate teams) melted down on their own.

1) i didnt veto the trade that sent them over the cliff

2) i didnt even ask to veto the trade that sent them over the cliff

3) all i did was defend myself against false accusations

4) i tried to tell detroit to cut his losses before things went out of hand

so please tell me how im whatever the hell you just called me.


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