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   Sunday, May 05, 2002  
theres four cds that you should all consider buying right now. i dont say this as a salesman who would profit from your commerce, but as a friend who has these thoughts and likes to share them with you.

plus, my man DN shared $20 to the Snoop Fund, thank you, so i should share this to you all.

Tom Waits is outta the gates with two new records of much higher quality than the much overly-praised Mule Variations. Both Alice and Blood Money would please a Waits fan and i dont think that i know too many educated people who do not bow to Tom Waits. So perhaps you should get these now so as not to be resorted to being the quiet one at the next fiesta.

You should always have the new Elvis Costello record to chew on. And Elvis's voice can make a crappy stereo sound terrific.

And despite what the retards say, the new Paul Westerberg cd(s) are a welcomed relief. The Replacements are dead, not Paul. Thankfully.

The fifth record you should get is the new Wilco.

It's weird that all these records which are probably all sold to the same group of people are all coming out at the same time. I wont get into the stereotype of who these people are, but they're not in their 20s, they've probably been to college, and they probably have enough money to buy these cds but also have the tools to download them for free.

Truth for the day: If Paul Westerberg had a tip jar on his website, I would drop a few bucks in there all the time.

Plug of the day: If you like the tshirt on the baby, you can buy it by clicking on the lil fella.

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