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   Thursday, June 05, 2003  
people ask me a lot about the xbi. i dont blame them.

xbi is a cool place. theyve taken care of me. i cant complain.

i could but i wouldnt. i never bitch about the people who pay me. not even on the job.

i have a weird belief that whatever you think or say comes out and multiplies so i try to keep things positive.

recently they moved us all around. took our desks and mixed them up. i think the gunfight had something to do with it.

typically a gunfight is a good red flag to management that the fellas need a new change of scenery. and since i was involved in the gunplay and because i am generally considered one of the most even-keeled members of the agency, when they saw that i had completely emptied my sidearm they knew that things should change.

so this is my new desk. maybe. we're seriously not supposed to talk about anything surrounding the xbi anywhere, especially not on a web site. especially not on an occassionally busy web site.

i like my new desk. which might be mine. im hardly ever at it because im usually flying chopper one, and thats why my area is fairly clean, but its nice on rainy days or mondays to sit there and look out at the people eating and smoking and think about what else i could be doing in my life and usually the list includes either flipping burgers or selling oranges on the medians next to the 10.

i dont have a lot of toys on my desk, but to the right of my computer you can see my sammy bobblehead, which really isnt a bobblehead its just a figurine.

if anyone wants to send me a sammy bobble head (or more importantly, a harry caray bobblehead) you can send it to: Pierce, 4845 Fountain Ave. #15, Hollywood, CA 90029.

if what you send me is super cool i will take a picture, cuz they last longer.

the best gift that you can give me is your loyal readership, and your sworn secrecy that you wont run around and blab to the world that you have stumbled across what might be the only photographic evidence of the inside of xbi hq.

now please let me get back to corking my keyboard.


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