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   Monday, September 29, 2003  
if i could be anywhere in the world right now it would be doing jello shots with karisa in zuma until the marine layer burns off.

but since thats not possible since we both have real jobs that prevent us from actually living our lives, i will instead dream of where i might be if i wasnt here in chopper one flying over the haze and smog of hollywood wishing someone would tell me who to chase or kill or follow or fuck up.

today i wish i was back being an fbi test pilot. most testers dont actually fly all the planes, sometimes we have to test other things. gross things, like torture devices, like poisons, like quote unquote drugs, like esp techniques, like powers of manipulation.

you are getting sleepy, for example, very sleepy.

one of the things we tested a long long time ago was a device that would allow us to walk on water, very much like that pictured.

scary thing was it wasnt water that we tested it on, it was acidic liquid that had lots and lots of nasty chemicals in it.

and it was on fire.

and people were shooting at us.

needless to say we figured out how to do it, but it wasnt a bulletproof solution because that item sunk right away, poor merle.

supertsar7: im totally writing about you
karissssa: haha- what about?
supertsar7: how i wish i was doing body shots with you in zuma right now
karissssa: mmmmmm.....
karissssa: totally.
supertsar7: i think youd want me to shave my chest and or belly before taking a body shot off me
karissssa: haha- i don't mind chest hair.
supertsar7: you have just leapfrogged yourself as the coolest girl in america
karissssa: hahahahahahaha! yay!

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