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   Wednesday, December 31, 2003  
last year i made several new years resolutions and i succeeded on about 25% of them. so that means that this year i should make a lot more.

2004 new years resolutions

1. i will write 4 times a day
2. i will only drink water while at work
3. i will cook dinner for myself at least twice a week
4. i will run around my property for at least 20 minutes a day, once a week
5. i will download at least one cd a week and review it for you
6. i will watch at least one movie a week and review it for you
7. i will write one post within 90 minutes of coming home from work
8. i will do at least 100 curls a week
9. i will read at least 2 pages from the bible each sunday
10. i will write a dirty novel
11. i will get a new job
12. i will make mix cds at least once a week for my true love
13. on the weekends i will go through my archives and update the photos, at least one week a week
14. each month i will learn one new thing in photo shop
15. each month i will learn one new html trick
16. i wont make out with any more teenagers from the internet
17. i will cut down on my magazine subscriptions from 30 to 15.... somehow.
18. i will go to the beach more often
19. i will get my bike fixed and ride around hollywood at least once a week
20. i wont give up on Lick no matter how hard it is to do
21. Blook II will come out, for your ass.
22. i will refer to this list once a week so as to keep up to my goals

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