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   Friday, December 05, 2003  
today is the greatest

smoke fills the sky worst than smog like balloons
sent from underneath somewhere cruising above this
fair city checking out every crevice and wishing to die
somewhere around anaheim and when they get to
whereever they go they are asked what it looks like and
what its like
they'll say, ah, its fair.

it wasnt fair that i fucked you in your yellow boots
and made you keep your dress on and fell asleep as
you told me how you thought last summer
you were pregnant.

when i woke up i didnt think youd a still
been crying.
i was equally surprised we fucked that
well still.
and even though youll wanna forget me, you i wont

paul westerberg

and now i feel like everyone has left
and the mess is mine to clean
unseen blood down miles of forearms
slimy goo all red and green.
but im the brown thats in the middle
im the brown that no one owns,
bastard wolf dog alone and freezing
and no one hears his moans.

theres a fastball flung and burning high
a nightmare in my eyes
my guts got stuck in quicksand
and you all think it's lies.
and the sunset's grey
and everyday i wake up and walk around
and find im lost
and need a nametag
in my dirty own hometown.

both from the upcoming secret chapter of Blook II called Juvenalia, the early poems which currently is as cheap as it will ever be, and includes free shipping.

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