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   Saturday, July 12, 2003  
ive been writing a lot of letters lately.

dear raymi the minx,

god i love you.

please dont be sad any more. nobody wants you sad.

maybe you should get oot of canidumb.

move to america where you belong.

where we all belong.

maybe you and i should trade spaces.

like exchange students except we'll be exchange bloggers.

you say you have writers block:

"i have what you call writer's block these days. i just can't put words together. i don't know what to tell you. and what to not say. i want to tell you about how i went mad but maybe that is meant for the book."

writers block happens when you block yourself from writing.

youre raymi the minx, you dont have to worry about what to not say. if minx's dont say the things others would not say, then how minxy is she any more? i say it would be negative minxy. bordering on republican.

and the book they will buy.

write the book in the blog. i did it and people were happy. if you do it people will be even happier because you will include cds of never before seen photographs in the book.

youd make millions.


oh raymi. can i call you raymi? hold on to your skateboarder boy and fight the demons who say youre not this or not that. youre it. theyre just jealous. and ugly. and not saved. like us.

twenty is a tough age. youre probably not listening to let it be enough.

its ok to cry when youre twenty. and feel like a failure. and be confused.

just remember to have a lot of sex.

and write: a ton.

i love you raymi.

get well soon.

stop taking the meds. those fuckers would have shock treatmented your ass fifty years ago. and thrown leeches on you back in the day. or burned you.

they dont know shit. they make me sick.

give your boy anti a lick.

blonty fierce
HI Tonny,
I link you, sorry to tell you.

Tommy , 21mm

Dear Tommy,

have you not seen that ive been linking you on my upper left hand link deal?

dude, your blog is everything i wish the busblog was.

i love your pictures and your stories and your opinions on things.

how many times have you heard me say that i wanted to learn more about the towns around the world and peoples real lives and peoples real thoughts and see the pictures and get the feelings and feel the rock.

you do that every post and im so grateful.

not until the web could regular people see what life is like in other peoples towns every day around the world, and there you are busting from all the way around the other side of the planet.

well hello my friend from china, greetings from america.

i went back in your archives a little and you have great pictures and im grateful, thank you. you inspire me. you make me want to take more real pictures of the people of los angeles. not just of my friends.

i was suprised when you took offense at the Human Rights report that was critical of china. you say, "In response to the Human Right practice report by the U.S, China released its own survey of the U.S Human Right report, and revealed the U.S's pride and prejudice. A question has been in my head since, why serious?"

and you know what, if youre saying things are cool. then good. you probably know better than me. shit.

anyways, im glad you take the subway and you take pictures from the subway. i like your english. i like your energy. i like your lo-fi design, and your captions, and your realness.

i hope you keep it up.

but please dont worry so much about america. the bush administration is scared of china. and it wants all your money, which means you can get away with whatever you want.

which is only fair since we get away with whatever we want.

our president got away with stealing an election. as fucked as it is, it was a pretty good trick.

a fuckhead, true, but a successful one, and we didnt even vote for him.

yes we are proud and we bully, and are ignorant, etc. and the guys running the show are some of the worst of us.

al gore wouldnta started blowing the shit outta iraq, trust me.

and he definately wouldnta lied about it to get the ok to do it.

hey, i thought the internet wasnt gonna be allowed in china. what happened?

anyways, happy hello my friend.

i love chinese food.

i love yao ming.

i love jackie chan.

ive kissed three chinese girls. maybe four. maybe just two.

i suck at using chop sticks.

anyways, thanks for the nice letter from another world. thanks for having me be your only link. thanks for taking care of business on that side.

i'll do better to take care of business on this side.

your pal,

tony pierce
hollywood, california
united states

huge fan of 21mm

   Friday, July 11, 2003  
caption this, please

for his entire career karl malone has worn the number 32. oj's number. franco harris's number. and magic johnson's number.

for his entire career karl malone has played for the utah jazz.

now that he is a los angeles laker a situation has arisen where karl cant really wear #32 because it belonged to magic and when magic retired the lakers retired his number.

the purpose of retiring a number is to pay homage for eternity to the legendary athelete.

magic, being the sweetheart that he is has given permission for malone to use #32, to which, i assume, the mailman has graciously accepted.

to me this is wrong.

to me so many things are wrong, but i think im pmsing today because lots of things that normally dont irritate me are irritating me.

karl malone shouldnt take magics number and the lakers, and magic, who is part owner of the lakers, shouldnt want malone to have the number.

the lakers should want kids and adults alike to want to buy karl malones la laker jersey. but what kid is going to want a laker #32 jersey that says Malone on the back?

not me.

if im going to buy a laker #32 jersey its either going to say Magic on the back or Ervin or Johnson. it will not and it should not say Malone on the back. ever.

some players have been known to flip around the numbers when they move to a different team.

i think Karl should konsider this. #23 is the reason the karl doesnt have any rings right now. #23 is the reason he had to jump ship and join up his enemy (since he couldnt beat them). #23 is a number that the lakers have available. #23 should be karl malone's last number in his storied career.

meanwhile the entire nba should just retire #23 like they will once mj gets old and sickly or dies or flies away into the stratosphere after he retires for the twenty-third time.

jaime + bukkake + moxie
5 Million Free Slurpees At 7-Eleven�

No. 1 Convenience Retailer To Serve Free Slurpee� Drinks, Beverages, Snacks on 7-11 Day

Dallas, TX, July 7, 2003 - Friday is July 11, but at 7-Eleven, Inc. (NYSE: SE), it�s better known as 7-11 Day, and the day the world�s No. 1 convenience retailer celebrates its birthday. This year is no different. To celebrate its 76th birthday in 2003, participating 7-Eleven� stores across America plan to serve more than 5 million free Slurpee� drinks and samples of several tasty new products while supplies last this Friday. An extra big bash is planned at a north side Chicago store, where the company will celebrate the milestone of opening 25,000 stores.
On Friday, each participating 7-Eleven store will offer 1,000 customers a free 7.11-oz. Slurpee drink of their choice. The new featured Slurpee flavor this month is Mountain Dew Live Wire. Participating stores also will be sampling Big Eats Bakery� Dreammm� Donuts, new beef enchilada-flavored 7-Eleven Go-Go Taquitos�, Chipper Snacks, Briar�s Premium Root Beer and DefCon3 Energy Drinks.

�For 76 years, our customers have made us the world�s favorite neighborhood retailer,� said Jim Keyes, 7-Eleven, Inc. president and CEO. �7-Eleven stores plan to celebrate this anniversary with a special thank-you to our more than 6 million customers that shop our stores each day.�

Convenience retailing began simply enough in 1927 when a Southland Ice Company employee started selling milk, eggs and bread from his ice dock in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas. Since that inauspicious start, �convenience� has become a big business. The small ice company has grown into a major international retailing chain with 5,800 7-Eleven stores in the United States and Canada, and more than 25,000 stores worldwide.

�7-Eleven was the first to introduce the concept of convenience shopping to the public and has grown to be the largest convenience store retailer in the world,� said Keyes. �We look to maintain our leadership position as consumers� store of choice by meeting and exceeding the changing needs of our customers� lifestyles.�

Not only did 7-Eleven create convenience retailing, the company also has set the convenience store standard with numerous firsts since 1927. 7-Eleven was the first convenience store to: advertise on television, operate 24 hours a day, sell gasoline, offer fresh-brewed coffee to-go, self-serve fountain drinks and giant drink cups, and sell pre-paid phone cards.

The company�s branded proprietary products like Big Gulp� fountain drinks, Big Bite� hot dogs, Big Eats Deli� sandwiches and Slurpee� frozen carbonated beverages, also unique in the marketplace, have become part of popular American culture.

�Customers have high expectations of us,� Keyes said. �When they shop at 7-Eleven, they want to find what they need easily, pay a fair price, and get in and out quickly. That�s our challenge, day in and day out � to provide exceptional convenience, product assortment, quality, value and service. A lot of things at 7-Eleven have changed over the years, but our commitment to keep that promise never has.�
since last year didnt count, it looks like the lakers will get that back to back to back to back championship after all.

i must say that it is hard to root for the lakers since i grew up constantly rooting for the underdog.

pulling for the overdog, and in this case, now, with the uber-overdog is like chanting u-s-a as the american olympic dream team battles the likes of cameroon in hoops.

do i think what the lakers have been able to amass this morning is cheating?

i dont think its cheating, but if i was the commisioner i wouldnt allow it.

it really isnt right.

if you remember, everyone went nuts when shaq left orlando to be a laker and that was pre-kobe, and everyone was expecting dynasties out the ying yang and so far its only been out the ying. but still i dont think its right.

its unfair to the less glamorous teams when superstars say they'll play for a sole million bucks in order to dish the ball to kobe and shaq.

but i'll take it.

mostly for my buddy sam who has laker season tickets which have instantly tripled in value, which i will hit him up for next season, since i didnt last season, but i will next season, so get ready, buddy.

and at this time let me tell the lakers that i am willing to play for the lakers for a mere million too.

because i too am old.

and i really would like a ring as well.

your pal,


pathologically speaking + krix + buzz machine

   Thursday, July 10, 2003  
it's weird to say that i have fans, but most of my life is weird.

one of my longest-time readers is a sexy momma named tracy, aka trinity, who used to write me after i would post poems in the message boards in aol back in the day.

this was so far back in the day that aol charged $4/hr and my aol bills would average $100 a month. i was using a 14.4 modem and kids, this was well before the www.

thats how old i am.


tracy somehow hasnt aged at all in spirit. today is her birthday and today she writes that shes happy being 30.

i guess i liked my 30s. i finally had control over my hormones and my tallywacker. i finally understood how to express myself verbally and writenlly.

30s are good times. still have some looks left, still have a little idealism and energy, although i remember that was the first time that i would stretch in the morning and get weird cramps sometimes in my legs.

anyhow i love tracy even though ive never met her and hardly ever write about her.

maybe its cuz she is married with kids and the last thing id want if i was someones husband is some blogger slobbering all over my wifey.

back in the aol days she had a picture of herself up on her profile and she looked a lot like mariah carey, but hotter.

that made me happy cuz i love mariah.

happy birthday tracy!

saw the hulk last night with my buddy greg. it was totally lame. hey ang lee, wtf, bro?

drove through beautiful atwater, then glendale and talked about led zep and tsar and making movies and you know what america, i think if a movie is really bad people should warn you.

like an amber alert, except more serious.

clipper girl called me when i got back from the movies. shes not happy with me. what else is new. she is wondering why im saying that i havent kissed or sexed anyone in months when thats pretty much all that we do when we see each other and i tell her that its cuz nothing in here is true.

she then asks me if im ashamed of her, my nba cheerleader not-girlfriend. and i tell her yes, im a little ashamed.

when she gets upset she gets real quiet.

she got real quiet.

so real quietly i told her that i was kidding.

she then started to sob and asked me why i hated her and i told her i didnt hate her that i lurved her and i wanted to lurve her right then, that she should come over and let me show her that i didnt hate her.

she cried a little more and said that my jokes werent always so funny, that i was the only one who laughed at them consistantly, and i said that i was sorry but that is precisely why we shouldnt be girlfriend and boyfriend because half of the time youre going to hear really bad jokes from me and if you are going to want to be around me thats the price you pay.

and the really medicore lovin.

to which she said that sometimes quantity made up for quality.

and then we both laughed.

and she said she was going to come over.

and when she arrived i was asleep on the couch and she whispered in my ear and led me to my waterbed and i think something happened im not sure.

guess i'll have to check the tape after i get home from work.

david janes + amy langfield + i hope annika goes to the tsar show on saturday
karisa has two best friends and both of their first names starts with k.

one of them is named kerrie and today is her 85th birthday.

ive had the great opportunity to meet kerrie and in my opinion she is far too sweet and normal to be any best friend of karisas. i dont know what i was expecting, but i liked who i met and when karisa asked if she could say a few things about her pal on the busblog i happily agreed.

happy birthday kerrie!



because mutiny on the bounty's what we're all about�

today is kerrie-kerrie carnes birthday. kerrie has been my favorite person in the world to get through life with- and because of that, i have had the best, most-lived life ever.

together we have been alcoholics, rock stars, b-list celebs, poor, starving, criminals, lifesavers, near-death and
dominators of the impossible.

but by herself, she is my hero and i have so much of whom i am to thank her for.

she is my strong friend, who i truly hope realizes how strong she is, how much effect she has on others and how simply wonderful she is.

not to mention one of the raddest, most kick-ass, funnest chics from coast-to-coast.

and even though we are 3000 miles apart now- los angeles to massachusetts, she will always be my closest friend.

always rhymin' and stealin' in a drunken state

and we�ll be rockin' our rhymes all the way to hell's gate...

happy birthday, kerrie-kerrie carnes!



   Wednesday, July 09, 2003  
because they still cant find the xbi agent who is exposing us for what we are: former government agents and marines who have turned into vigilante undercover superheroes who steal from theives and sometimes give to the poor while fighting crime and keeping the city of angels safer than youve ever known, they think someone internally is helping them.

so today they "interviewed" all of us.

it goes like this. dark room, youre blindfolded, theyre behind one way glass.

pink floyd is playing.

they dont yell at you, they esp you, and youre hooked up to an ekg, etc.

they have actors esp the questions so you dont know who is asking.

why are you in the xbi?

the chicks.

sometimes the questions come fast sometimes very slowly.

i liked them better fast.

how old are you?


do you think this is a joke?

of course not.

then why arent you answering honestly?

i want your machine to know when im lying.

whats your job title here

senior operator, chopper one

whats your dream job?

traveling around the country finding fast food restaurants and swanky hotels that have wireless internet connections so that i could blog from there and say nice things to all the good people of the world while spreading good will.

do you know where the missing agent is?


why is it important for us to find him.

because we have a good thing going on here.

how committed are you to helping us find him?

i'll work 24/6 for you.

you may leave, agent.

then one of them said,

dont put this on your website.

but im pretty sure he was kidding.

that not so fresh feeling + gnome girl + dougie gyro
today is courtney love's 39th birthday

why dont you say a few words about her.
i so dont want to be here. last night i wanted to write but i couldnt. i got home so late. i got on the phone. i couldnt get off the phone. i loved who i was on the phone with but i wanted to get off of it.

i wanted to just write, which is a joke. the only time i can write is in the early morning. before even the sun comes up. before even the bow breaks. before the devil gets his way with me.

it was nice listening to the new tsar song and it was nice asking whalen if i got certain lines right and it was nice of him telling me that i was wrong in certain places but keep it in cuz it was funnier. i want those guys to take over the world. i want the best for everyone. but i so dont want to be here.

its grey in la today and the tv isnt working in chopper one. some mornings i just sit here in the hangar and watch regis and just wish that i drank coffee cuz i would sip it and let it slide over my lips and across my tounge that hasnt kissed anyone in so long and down my throat and into my gut and through my blood and poison my heart and slide out my ass.

good morning heartache why you wanna give me the morning paper when its the times. time says stand up. time says get dressed time says get on the crowded bus. time says man stand so close to me when no one else is standing on the bus that his pinkie finger touches my thumb. time says its time for me to move to the opposite end of the bus because i am not the buddahs belly, you shouldnt touch me for good luck because i dont even want to be here.

old lady with a wheel chair where her legs are sicking out horizontal is taking up four seats in the front. you want to hate her but number one shes old number two shes in a wheel chair and number three she only has twenty three friendsters so you gotta feel pity and i wonder where shes going this morning, if youre an old lady why arent you watching regis from your pissy smelling old ladies bed.

homeless crazy drunk guy walks down the aisle of the subway. i dont know that he doesnt have a home he just looks all wacked out and cruddy. face looks like he had a competition with a dog to see who could hold their face out the window on the car ride down from alaska the longest and the dog lost. but hes got the most wonderful hair and as he passes i see theres not a wallet in his back pocket or a phone number of a girl who just wants to get it on no strings attatched but a plastic blue brush and if you know you got it, flaunt it. and all that fuck has is hair. and i so dont want to be anywhere even near here.

mind in motion + welch + layne bootlegs

   Tuesday, July 08, 2003  
my favorite band has a new song out.

by out i mean its on the Internet, for free, on their record label's web site.

it's called Star Time, and it's not the new single, it's a taste of what will come from their new cd.

which theyve just finished making for your asses.

i like it so much that i did something i hadnt done in a long time, i played it over and over until i had written down all the words.

some of the lines might be wrong, and if they are, oh well.

but here's what i figured out and here's the link to the mp3

i also made a little fake cd cover for it.

and now that ive told all of you about it i will listen to it again.

tsar plays spaceland this saturday night.

"Star Time"
from the forthcoming yet-to-be-named cd
Hollywood Records

LA is the place to be, and if it aint as shocking as it used to be
take the bullet out your head
put it back in the gun
get your finger on the trigger

welcome, everybody, to the city of sound
they feast on the defeated
turn the city around
all they want to do is get up on your action.
let em go.

my brothers are all proud rockers
wild and aloof and trippin on acid.
my sisters are all stun stunners
wired to the roof and rolling on adam.

baby you live like a suicide
hell, somebody's got to stand up and die

well, i think i live down in hollywood
never liked no fraud who wastes his money for food
for fifteen-minute freaks
to fan the flannel flame
cuz he used you, man.

come on,
pass the pipe and take the test
cuz youre the young lee harvey
man, you're david koresh,
and if you dont dig that
why dont you go home
and watch some tivo, fucker

my sisters are all nice rockers
shoes to the roof, and looking up at my way.
my brothers are all jean-cutters,
glued to the tube and jumping like an osprey.

the hey hey never let me down
they love the sound of it getting around

and we say, oh
american girl
fill my heart with gladness, lord
you gotta save my soul
clean my mouth of sadness,

my brothers are all proud rockers
trippin on acid.
my sisters are all stun stunners
rolling on Adam.

wash these devils off

star time
rock n roll
make up your mind
to this world, come on,
get ready to let it rock on

star time
we'll steal the show
so many miles to goooooooo

and let it rock on

get ready
to let it
rock on

today's beck's 33rd birthday

why dont you say a few things about him.
kristin is a sweet girl. she worries about what her momma will think about the things she writes on her blog, and i think thats cute. not enough people are concerned about those things, and im starting to think they should.

shes very worried that her momma wont like this picture and i said, whats not to like? you look like an angel.

an angel sitting by a pool.

kristin is such a good girl that she started her blog with her highschool-aged little sister just so that they could stay in touch as kristin went back off to college. has been around about 9 months now, and i am completely shocked that it hasnt taken off and totally surpassed the readership of lesser blogs like, well, this one.

busblog is not written by two hot southern girls who give detailed descriptions of european vacations, sorority house dramas, and blue ribbon-winning horse shows.

the only thing i can imagine is kristin is the main contributer to madpony and shes pretty obviously in love with her long-time boyfriend. could that be the reason that the floodgates of hits dont find their way to oklahoma?

then explain nay, who has had the same boyfriend since she was 14 and is recently talking about marrying him at the ripe old age of 17. nay gets a gazillion hits. (which is a lot.)

traffic and hits and "popularity" are red herrings. they mean as little about good quality content or interesting people as prom court selections. im a huge fan of the madpony sisters because theyre all-american and sweet and wonderful and funny and wholesome and creative.

i dont know what more people could want from a website.

a pg rated one.

from hot sisters

from a tight-knit family.

actually i think i know what would drive more hits and its sad.

imagine if the sisters faught each other in public. little snipey verbal jabs at each other. that would get them attention.

imagine if the sisters wore whorish clothes or talked about sex. that would get them more hits.

and all of that has been done a zillion times and it wouldnt be much different than most of the sites out there that i dont link to and to be honest, i bet a lot of it wouldnt be nearly as interesting as the real stories of real people in a real nice family.

personally i would like it if the gals took more pics of oklahoma and their lives. and i would also like it if lauren contributed more because she can be really funny.

and of course i wish that the horses would submit a few more posts because talking horses are gold.

blog blog blog + mrs. bukkake's movie reviews + sk smith didnt like the hours?

   Monday, July 07, 2003  
why i would fire cubs tv announcer, chip caray, who claims to be the grandson of the finest baseball announcer of all time, harry caray.

reason number one: he sucks.

july seventh, two thousand and three, wrigley field, chicago.
cubs up 6-3 over the marlins, bottom of the eigth, bases loaded with cubs.

eric karros at bat.

chip caray: "had a great time visiting with eric karros and his wife, mark grudzielanek and his girlfriend last night at the house of blues.

"hootie and the blowfish put on a great concert.

"jim sonnenfeld, one of the members of that terrific rock n roll outfit, kind enough to have us out to that concert last evening.

"let's see if eric can rock this house with a big hit in the 8th to put it out of reach."

its bad enough that we have to be cubfans.

but then they make us listen to that.

i kept thinking, what if my kids heard that.

the court says that i dont have any kids anymore, which is a relief because i would point alot and say, be like that, or dont be like that.

or sometimes i would just point and say bad.

i just switched over to the dodgers padres and theres our buddy vin scully showing guys like caray every damn day how its done if you want to play it straight and perfect.

hell, his dad skip is pretty good at playing it straight.

but i think the problem with chip is that either hes possesed by a demon, or he just plain sucks.

and someone who sucks, you cant really do anything about.

chip caray will never bust with the

had a great time with mark pryor and kyle farnsworth as we checked out the black flag reunion show at the caberet metro across the street last night after the game.

rollins said our names were on the list but thats a show i didnt mind paying real money for.

they totally rocked family man, steve.

and you might say, but thats not fair, tony, chip caray would never in a million years say anything like that.

and id say exactly and fire him, because his grampa would have never seen hootie and the blowfish with eric karros.

and if he did he would have been ashamed, and wouldnta outted grudz or karros either.

harry caray wouldnta been anywhere near hootie and the damn blowfish.

he woulda said blowfish? i might be a drunk but im no perv.

another nobody + incendiary introspection + gweilo diaries
one fun thing about hanging out with karisa is that theres always a variety of men around who are quick to do anything that needs to be done around the pool.

this weekend liz lost her glasses in the pool, bam, it was fished out by a fellow who we didnt even know.

then someone else needed to get some burgers cooked, bam, cooked with melted cheese even.

then there was the matter of some prescription pills, voila, a perscription surfaced, then a doctor was contacted, then there were pills.

if i did run for governor of california i would have karisa be my leuitenant governor. someone would say, hey gov, we're going to need some rolling blackouts today. and i would say why? and they would say, cuz we're out of energy.

and karisa would say, we're out of energy? and i bet you three, four guys would fall over themselves with alternative sources of power and we wouldnt need any damn rolling blackouts.

if i ever did have a job where i traveled the country writing about america out of the back of a pick up truck i would want karisa to be my traveling secretary. not only is she an organizational genius, but shes a tech head, and good times follow her everywhere she goes. only problem is she doesnt want to be famous. which would be a problem because between the two of us theres rarely a time when attention isnt directed our way.

i went to ihop today for lunch.

i ordered breakfast in honor of chris who i love because she woulda ordered breakfast. that girl loves breakfast for lunch.

we saw a group of people saying grace before they ate. i thought that was adorable.

anyway, the burgers the dude made at karisas were delish, the vodka shots that liz poured got me hot and bothered, and the chatter among the cool kids was good.

all day i had been hot and i wanted to go jump in her pool, but alas, as soon as i got over i didnt want to go swimming any more. i just wanted to drink and hang out and listen to the groovy tunes that another dude had burned for her.

life must be so much different for the tattooed.

i guess thats why everyone gets em.

jean philippe + missie + wiz bang
hi america. did you have fun celebrating your birth? i did.

i dont want to be back at work.

we didnt find the dude we were looking for but we're back at the office cuz we need to be.

have i told you i dont want to be here at work today?

i dont.

have i told you i miss my true love? yep. do.

have i told you i havent been on a hot date in quite a while.

ah monday must you remind me of my faults?

my hair is growing in sorta ok, i guess. i might even be due for a haircut.

so my question to you is, since i really dont write anything interesting on here, according to a few emailers this weekend, why is it that people write this when i simply link them?

thank you, jesus.

today started as any normal day. i woke up around nine, sat at my computer for who knows how long, going through my daily blog rounds, but being a little too early in it, as nobody had updated anything yet. waited ten minutes. checked again. nothing. waited fifteen minutes. checked again. nothing. what could everybody be doing? i answered my own question by telling myself the problem was me, not them. they probably all had lives.
so i went to the grocery store and picked up some goods. after that, i settled back in and resumed checking blogs. 'alas! tony has updated!' i said to no one in particular. i read through it in it's entirety, fully receiving my usual dose of etertainment and satisfaction as i got down to the last line.

and then

a pig zooms past my window.

'what in the...?' i said as i got up and surveyed the scene. i soon saw that there was not one pig, but many, all flying and floating about in my front yard. my initial question still unanswered, i sat back down.

i read the last line.
and then continued scrolling.

i paused for a moment. something was awry. something in that line was much too familiar. i scrolled back up.

i was expecting to see a link to another blog i had just read or another site that i had just visited. but instead, it was a link to my own.

so here i am, thinking no way in hell could he have just linked me. it's not possible. my eyes must deceive me. it must be the smoke from the mountains. it is clouding my reason, fooling my spider senses. surely, that is it.

because if it isn't, then that means twice now. twice i have been mentioned by my blogger idol. twice i have been looked at by the xbi agent behind the busblog.

and that just defies all reason.

i think i died in my sleep last night and went to heaven.

im watching the original Razors Edge. the remake with bill murray is one of my faves and this one is pretty good too.

i have the strangest life. i took a lot of pictures this weekend. i have two 10 page photo essays that just need to be written. now i know why people dont do photo essays very often.

theyre very time consuming. very.

catch twenty two is if you have things to take pictures about then youre probably having a good time doing those things and then when you get back home and edit them and tweak them and do all the things you have to do then you dont have any time to write because its nearly one am and you have to go to work in the morning.

so you blog instead cuz its quicker.

kobe bryant is being accused of sexual assualt and i have no idea how to feel about it.

if i had a late night sunday radio talk show thats how i would have lead off the discussion.

people would say that theres no way he woulda done anything like that because he has a hot young wife.

other people would say that maybe he would because hes the stud of the galaxy and the lakers are about to get the mailman and the glove just to entertain me.

and then someone would say that when you have the money fame good looks success of kobe if you brushed your hand across a woman accidentally she might sue you for sexual assault just to settle out of court.

and then someone would call in to say that women get attacked every day, why couldnt it happen in colorado in a hotel by mr. kobe bryant.

and then we would probably have to take a commercial.

when we got back i would play some music and being sunday i would invite people to pray for number eight

and for any friends who might need a dose of some good stuff from a bigger place.

and for the cubs who have been sucking. big time.

and then i would pop in some led zeppelin.

something slow

and live

since its the night time.

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   Sunday, July 06, 2003  
today they ran the bulls. and all weekend they showed the south park movie on comedy central completely uncut. even i was a little shocked to here fuck on plain old cable tv.

and equally blown away to hear uncle fucker, that toe tapping ditty, which came across as ten times more dangerous on tv than in the movies. and i love weird powers like that. i love that movie and one day we'll hear the president say fuck and you know, maybe one day they'll have boobies on tv. and you know what i'll do that day? i'll say fuck.

im watching this country special on trio. thank you canada for trio. its making me love hank sr. that much more, even though its pretty impossible. and its also making me love elvis a little more.

did you know that tsar is gonna play saturday night at the best club in los angeles at ten o'clock and theyre going to rock your face off.

did you know that i accepted an invitation to attend a wedding yesterday which i dont typically do because im not a big fan of weddings but these two are pretty awesome kids but i forgot to ask if i could bring a plus one, and i asked karisa if she would like to come and she said yes yes i like all your friends so now i gotta work on that.

the whalen brothers just invited me to come over and sit on their porch, that sounds fun.

pat got on the phone and he said, there are men pushing carts here, there are cars being worked on, there are trees providing shade. we've all gone without sleep.

if i had a talk show called bloggers and raymi was the ed mcmahon, pat would be the star of the show.

theres only two people who could single handedly make you forget about the busblog if they started a blog.

the first would be mr. pat whalen

the other would be his younger brother jeff.

thankfully theyre content simply being rockstars instead.

ok the country music special is over.

time to call rosalita from the showerphone.

the day the bulls called bullshit + a year ago + hula hoopers
yes, jeanine really is that tanned. i dont know what to do with myself today. i hafta do laundry. i should just do that. but i dont wanna. its summer. its sunday. its the end of a nice long weekend. thanks fourth of july for giving me all this time to rest and write and be with my friends. best thing i coulda ever done was rent that car this weekend and i did and everything has worked out so well.

last night i was at a bar and several of the ladies were laughing about how long its been since theyve gotten any and i was thinking how can i make this all work out for everyone. but alas, life isnt the porno that we wish it was. maybe one day. maybe one day.

would it be a good thing to be able to cut off your feelings of emotion and just be able to have sex with hot chicks because theres sex to be had. is that maturation or is that tumbling down to the sins of the flesh? and why are flesh sins any worse than any other sins?

ive been known to wish death and or injury upon some people? havent we all? arent we all wishing some sort of harm upon osama and saddam and dubya and george steinbrenner? we're righteous about our reasons but theyre still rooted in revenge and evil and judgement. is that any worse than wanting to make a girls nipples get hard with something you learned way back in the day?

if im going to be judged as a tool, and if youre going to call it a tool, then why not put me to work.

thats all i want to know.

i do the most ridiculous things and put up with the most insulting situations for that dolla, and yet i get so damn moral about who i bone and who i dont and when and why and how and no wonder im losing my hair.

sunday sunday and this is why the bible didnt ever say once that preachers need to be unmarried and celibate, because not every question can be answered by a guy who doesnt get any, which is why i havent replied to all of your emails


cubs are getting spanked by the cardinals and look at that corey patterson just blew out his knee.

and this girl writes me almost every day and lately shes been saying that if she didnt have her boyfriend things would be so much different and i agree but different doesnt always mean better. sometimes different means worse. sometimes different is a curse. i bought $150 worth of bukowski books for $90 with some slush fund hush money. this summer i think id rather read than go to concerts.

and now instantly the skies opened up at wrigley and dumped a ton of rain and just as fast the sun makes an encore and the bleacher bums are cheering and corey isnt hurt that bad after all and its hot here in la but not butt hot keep windows open hot and i think im going to see if karisa is gonna hang out at the pool today cuz if she is maybe i'll do laundry over there.

plus she has some juicy gossip to whisper in my ear.

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