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   Thursday, January 15, 2004  
today don left me a message to tell me he was pretty freaked out and happy. he was telling me that jen had delivered baby stella today.

he didnt mention once that it was also mlk's 75th birthday.

so i deleted that shit right away and put in the new corvids cd.

which is now available on Amazon dot com and of course on ken's website.

like bonnie and charlie, don and jen met at the nexus. just like all of us.

they fell in love and got married in the presidio and far as i can tell have been living happily ever after.

don and i were roommates with layne charlie dan & hickey on haight street when i met my true love.

both jen and don are dynamite writers and excellent people and some believe the secret reason why frisco is still cool.

happy birthday stella, you're already ahead of the game after picking such kickass parents

and being born on an arguably historic day.

and now that you've given us this lovely child, dear Lord, can you please let the cubs get pudge and the professor?


we were there when don and jen got married

sksmith welcomes stella + as does greg vaine

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