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   Monday, January 12, 2004  
today is howard stern's birthday. he's 50. 50 years old.

howard is my favorite dj. but hes not really a dj, hes a talk show host, and probably the best interviewer in all of television and radio.

he doesnt get the credit he deserves but who does, really?

although he stole a lot of his act from my first favorite dj, mr. steve dahl, he has taken that "shock jock" style and elevated it to a higher level that im not so sure steve could have done if steve had moved to new york in the 70s and not chicago.

regardless i love howard. he has the best show on tv. he has easily the best radio show around. hes consistantly funny. he rarely bores me. his bread and butter is his celebrity interviews but his left hand uppercut is how he makes stars out of the people you expect the least.

from fred the elephant boy, to gary the retard, to kkk guy daniel carver, to stuttering john, hank the angry dwarf, beetlejuice, high pitch eric, and crackhead bob. howard can turn the most ridiculous into the most hilarious. he's the modern day ed sullivan and even though he's number one, he gets no respect from hollywood because he kisses no ones ass. which should be a lesson to you all.

hes got my respect.

look at the guests he had on his e! show last year. heavy on strippers and porn stars and retards. a sprinkling of top shelf celebs, but howard teaches us indirectly that the big stars arent the most entertaining, its the average people out there who are the most interesting.

if you think that exhibitionists and crack heads are average.

he can dress in a dress and hes funny. he can get a divorce after 20 years of being married and its funny. he can date a model he has no business being with and its funny. he can threaten to quit his show after yelling at his boss and its funny. hes a real guy who's not afraid to say what he thinks and its not only funny but its educational.

and then there are the lesbians.

no one had the nerve to allow lesbians to be themselves on tv until howard showed up and some might say he opened the same door to the gays, midgets, pornstars, and retards too. i would.

thanks howard for waking up at 3am every day for our asses and being funny every damn day.

thanks for not having a web site, or tshirts, or coffee mugs.

thanks for not being a sell out like pretty much the entire world.

happy 50th birthday.

you are the king.

f jackie,


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