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   Thursday, February 05, 2004  
i like to savor things. i dont know why.

i do everything slow. i eat slow. i kiss slow. i walk fast but that doesnt count. i age slow. i hope to die slow.

one of the best things about lick that i forgot about was how great it is to have a mailbox where great stories end up.

two days ago ms. bunny mcintosh told me that she had an interview with raymi the minx and she had just emailed it to me because she loved lick and thought the conversation was perfect for the new web zine of love.

for some reason i didnt read the chat until today.

people, its amazing.

the new update to lick magazine will be sunday during the grammys.

there will be several new stories

wonderful design,

and an exclusive interview between two of my favorite writers on the internet.

heres an excerpt from the begining of their conversation:

bunny mcintosh: i should interview you
raymi: do it yes
raymi: interview my ass
bunny mcintosh: yes?
bunny mcintosh: ok
bunny mcintosh: are you ready
raymi: yes
bunny mcintosh: or wait. i have to think of questions
raymi: ok
bunny mcintosh: ok, what are you wearing?
bunny mcintosh: lets start this off right.
raymi: white old lady slipper. a blue and white cheerleader style sweater-thing. jeans. smith and wesson right to bear arms belt. black sox. blue underpants
bunny mcintosh: do you like canada?
bunny mcintosh: and also, have you ever seen a black person in canada?
raymi: yes there are many people of that color in my country. and yes i like canada. we have poutine here.
bunny mcintosh: poutine?

find out what poutine is and many other mysteries this sunday at

bunny + raymi + lick

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