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   Friday, February 20, 2004  
im someone who can fall in love at the drop of a hat. raymi drops her hat all day. and her shirt. and her accent. and her cover.

if i had some knowledge id drop it on your ass right now. listen to the donnas. listen to the darkness. listen to punk rock. even the worst punk rock, which theres plenty of, dont be fooled, is way better than this bad hip hop that i see the world splooge themselves over.

justin isnt that cute, cant dance that great, and damn well cant sing all that much. but he doesnt look thuggy like jah rule and thats why he gets paid by the man and deludged with grammys(!) like his name was declain mcmanus or some shit. so listen to punk cuz it wont ever let you down. or girl groups or eighties metal bands in two thousand and four.

dave grohls probot isnt gonna steal your money and pretend its anything other than aggression that they figured out how to bottle. thank god for grohl. he knew that foo fighter shit was shit. he knew he couldnt sell out his whole adult life. he knew he couldnt just ride the coattails of the others much longer. he knew what was missing and whats missing is punk rock and metal and lemmy tell you one more thing.

fuck this motherfucking fucker fuck.

some ho is wondering how i became a "blog god" or "blog king" or some shit and im not sure if she was saying that negatively or in awe so lets pretend the worst since she doesnt really kiss my ass in the statement.

i did it on the backs of my ancestors.

all the motherfuckers who write in bathroom walls. and draw on underpasses. all the rejects and dipwads who piss their names in the snow.

blogosphere is just one huge snowdrift baby and ive dranken a lot of diet dr pepper and rum.

miss montreal wants to see me tonight but i have a date with a pretty girl. theyre both pretty. pretty doesnt matter much to me any more. pretty is in the garter of the beholder. i look in the mirror and you dont see me snapping pics cuz i dont see nothin there worth taking pics of and i cant believe all the people asking me about my hair or lack there of but they do. lord do they ever. they love it. and i love them.

fucking lovefest over here baby which is why people like this shit.

and cuz i update like a fiend.

a strungout fiend who thinks hes gonna die any minute so he has to type every drop till its out.


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