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   Monday, February 16, 2004  
theres nothing i want more than to blow this shit up. im thinking about doing it one word at a time. one link at a time. one pic at a time. or i could do it the way of the warrior and just be one notch more interesting than the time before. one hiccup more creative. one word more clear. one thought more trippy. i want a milk shake better than yours. ding. cuz my shit is better than yourns. hot chick wont talk to me at the xbi cuz shes smitten by me. whatev. different hot chick wont come over tonight cuz shes smitten by me. double whatev. third hot chick wont get tit on with me cuz it would be weird and it would f her emotions and for the third time i say whatev. there was a time when these things woulda bothered me and i woulda said oh dear diary why me oh why me but all that ever did was waste my so called youth. step to the left mother fucker and see what door number three has to offer.

or write. or do something for lick. or clean your room. or take a shower take a shower take a shower because those girls will wake up alone ding one time too many and remember how you bring it better than the rest and there is absolutely nothing missing from my fastball. and it moves. and ive got the best changeup ding in baseball. cuz my shit is better than yours. yes my shit. ding. is better than yours.

came five times the last time she was here. five times. wasnt even trying. neither of us. it was like playing the raiders versus cowboys on easy play. ding. twice left handed. once on the thigh. once just whshshshwhshing in her ear. once repeating over and over and ooohver again who was the man. even though cosmo says it doesnt work. even though cosmo wouldnt know shit. even though cosmo would love nothing more than to just spread point toes and wham wham wham ding. five bitch, five.

and i know those who used to link me but dont anymore because its ok to write about a president who lies to a nation but its not linkable to write about sex drugs rock and i know that its ok to link drudge who lies about sex drugs rock but its not cool to link the nothing is true in here. and there might have been a time when that would have sent me write to the dear blogger oh woah is me oh whoa is me and i woulda outted them for being dumb and i woulda had links to prove my point but ding my shit is better than theres so who the fuck cares.

lewis and clark did it alone. sid and johnny did it alone. dylan, howard, espn everyone worth a nut said i dont give a fuck that noone is going this path or this way or this fast but im gonna cuz if i had all day to wait for you i still wouldnt wait for you. and when you make it here you better name shit after me. you better tell all those bitch asses who did it first and better and bigger and deffer. or better yet dont and ding let the kool kids figure it out on their ownsome.

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