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   Friday, March 26, 2004  
people praise the busblog and they should. some think they should be praising it more.

but not many people know about the little things that happen behind the scenes that are actually not little at all, theyre huge.

oftentimes i have technical difficulties on this page. sometimes they have to do with the way ive coded the blog.

yesterday Sitemeter was making the page load even slower than normal so i took the code out.

today i put it back in and i did it in a sloppy way that screwed things up even more.

i looked through the knowledge base and when i couldnt find the answer i emailed the good people behind the curtain.

within minutes, people, MINUTES, i had a lovely techincal support person fixing my problem and before i could say fuckmovablefuck my shit was fixed.

just another reason why im down with Blogger 4 Life!

and cuz they started this gangsta shit.

and cuz they once sent me a nice hoodie.

and cuz their shit gets me laid.

and cuz theyre nice.

there is no better support than Blogger Support, i should know, i worked for many years for a company that provided outsourced technical and customer support for web sites. thats where i met karisa.

Blogger Support totally rules.

another behind the scenes angel is mr. oswald p tyler, cheif ceo of nothing special network systems, who hosts the busblog at a nominal fee.

mr os couldnt be cooler and nicer and friendlier and i dont think i thank him enough for what he has done for me and our friends.

this blog and my site hardly ever goes down. and if it does its for little blips of time. i heart mr os and im eternally grateful for his support.

if any of you are considering hosting solutions, please consider Nothing Special, they kick ass. just ask mr matt welch, mr ken layne, or rock group tsar, or any of the other dozens of sites that NSNS hosts.

i also need to thank my true love, my honeys, and my friends who always give me constructive criticism about my stuff on here. but i especially want to thank the lovely ladies who sit on my lap in my closet and read my masterwork outloud to me so i can hear how it sounds from the mouths of babes.

that shit is priceless to me, and it might seem narcisistic but its super important, because when people read good smooth shit aloud it naturally flows. if its confusing it doesnt flow. and sometimes i want it not to flow but normally i want it schmoove.

unlike this post.

anyway thank you blogger support. thank you mr os. thank you kim my lawyer. thank you my friends. thank you my readers. thank you hotties. and thank you good Lord for letting me be born during this magical time.

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