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   Wednesday, March 17, 2004  
two of my favorite bloggers quoted me today and yesterday. usually im flattered, but recently ive winced because i just havent had the time to take my time and get into whatever it is that im typing about. sorta sucks but whatever. even halfassed i still write better than the idiots who comment against me, so its cool.

mr. doc searls of the santa barbara searls's quoted a large chunk about my support for howard stern and then mr buzzmachine of the daily stern jeff jarvis took the same quote for his blog.

poor jeff gets gangbanged by ignorance every time he valiantly rallies behind the king of all media, showing us all how it's done. im not sure i could do what he's doing. i must admit, i am a bit of an approval-suck. if my core readers didnt want me to write about something and Obviously didnt get it, i, sadly, would probably become persuaded to quit the fight, but not jarvis, he keeps his head down and continues to whale away at the body unaware of the uppercuts from the emptyheaded.

whats supremely ironic is that the anti-sternites seem to want a direct line from the president to howard stern getting dropped by clear channel, and yet they arent at all interested in direct lines for seemingly more important debates like how we're still in a motherfucking war with a country because our leader said they had weapons of mass destruction.

certainly they're smart, but these fuckheads just dont want to admit that this is how the line goes:

* howard dominates morning radio, which dominates how people start their day
* bush didnt win the election
* bush fucked the economy, got us into a war from lies and deception to distract us from his previous fuckups
* bush is now up for re-election
* bush appointed colin powell's son to be head of the fcc
* howard, who usually votes republican, starts calling bullshit on bush
* janet jackson shows the world her weird nipple thing
* colin's son who has never done anything realizes he has to do something about that nipple
* colin's son goes overboard cracking down on things that have nothing to do with nipples on tv
* to appease colin's son, a subcommitee drags Clear Channel to the hill to have them explain how they will conform
* the morning Clear Channel is to testify, they drop Howard Stern from 6 markets
* two of those markets are Ohio and Florida - states Bush has a slim chance of winning, states where Every vote matters
* Clear Channel initially claims that Stern was dropped because his show that day was obscene and offensive because a caller said "nigger" and "spic". The Nation called this excuse hogwash.
* the FCC did not fine Stern that day because legally his show was neither obscene nor offensive
* Clear Channel replaced Stern in most of those markets with pro-Bush Michael Savage who is best known for being fired by MSNBC last year for anti-gay statements and telling a caller that he hopes he gets AIDS and dies.
* Clear Channel who has a history of funding the RNC now refuses to pay Stern for the remaining portion of his contract with them
* Strongly endorsed by the Bush administration, the house passes a bill that would fine a radio performer up to a half million dollars for indecent material. ony One republican congressman votes against it.

free speech is free as long as you're a republican who doesn't talk about sex.

and lying is not indecent, unless youre martha stewart.

doc searls + buzz machine + dick cheney is a bitch

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