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   Saturday, April 10, 2004  
so bush knew after all.

but of course bush knew.

this is the united states of america. we know everything.

better fucking know.

half my paycheck goes to taxes of some sort and some of that money damn well better be going to unnamed sources telling our unnamed agencies that the shits going down.

when the fuck does someone come up to you and say its col mustard in the library with the knife?

thats why we pay your asses to connect the dots. thats why we allow republicans to bankrupt us so that we have the greatest spywear in the galaxy. thats why we let it slide that the son of a former cia director steals an election, cuz thats what sons of former cia directors are supposed to do.

but theyre also supposed to say, 70 investigations on osama's ass, and all ive got is this? we know which hand and which finger pierce is going to use on tonight's nba cheerleader, now is the time to focus our strength on osama and not saddam. saddam hasnt ever come to america and blown shit up.

but this bull that my girl condi tried to shovel my way along the lines of "there wasnt a who, where, how, and when" is irresponsible malarkey only a step away from "my dog ate my homework."

ive fucked up at work from time to time. and when i do any number of people are quick to say, didnt you get my email, didnt you pay attention at the meeting, didnt you see the writing on the wall?

and i never ever ever get the luxury of saying, my bad.

bush had that luxury and instead of saying it, his lip got on the mic 8 months later and said, "I don't think anyone could have predicted these people would take a plane and slam it into the World Trade Center."


even Martha Stewart knew what to do with her information once she got it.

and they try to tell us that its not what she did with her info that got her thrown in jail

it was lying about getting the information that got her the one-year sentence.

condi obviously couldnt have predicted that these people would take a plane and slammed it into the world trade center, but the brief did say that these people were poised to hijack planes, and they already attacked the wtc, therefore...

but bush obviously had more important things on his mind, the day after he got the briefing that was released today he took the longest vacation a president has ever taken in the history of the united states.

guilty of ignorance as to what to do with that brief or not, its time for gw to take a much longer vacation from being in charge of big things like the safety of the united states.

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