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   Tuesday, April 20, 2004  
this has been the weirdest day. got to work and they sent me home because i had earned too many vacation days so they told me to burn one.

i didnt know what to do.

so i went to the new target in hollywood.

all i needed was toilet paper and some sticky grip tape stuff for the bathtub so no one slips when theyre taking a shower.

and maybe some two liters.

left there with a receipt that said $180. i remembered that my dvd + vcr had stopped dvding months ago and the vcr had begun to eat tapes.

got a combo for $110. go video.

there was a time when i would buy nothing but relatively high end audio and video: mitsubishi video, denon and sony audio. but when you can get a dvd/hi fi vcr for $110, i really cant afford Not to buy two a year.

what i can never do, however, is throw away the broken machines. i have a problem.

my baseball card collection closet is being upstaged by what is begining to look like a dvd mausoleum.

theres a jvc first gen dvd player, the apex one that had the macrovision mod chip in there, a mits hifi vcr with jog shuttle remote, a panasonic hi fi, two direct tv receivers one with the first gen access card, and my brother in laws powerbook.

and now a magnavox dvd + vcr combo that my ma got me from target when we all hung in palm springs.

after target i went to the good guys and tried to get my camera fixed for free since i had bought the extra warranty.

they said they couldnt fix it for free because dropping it on the ground is not covered.

looked at the big screen tvs. huge. two grand. its amazing.

then i went to beverages and more and got some tequila, some sam adams cuz i think im hanging out with karisa tomorrow, and a huge thing of sour mix for amaretto sours which i crave because i havent been to vegas in far too long.

i almost bought gasoline on the way home, but it was two dollars and eleven cents at the cheapest place i noticed and i at least want a free carwash if its gonna have to be like that.

when i got home some guy said he'd paypal me ten bucks under two conditions:

1. it didnt go to the car fund
2. i put up a new picture of ashley

and then i got caught up talking to the 91 year old lady upstairs and now i cant go to the rock show.

now im printing out your pot stories cuz i was explaining to her what four twenty meant and then that led to this and that and whatever.

she was watching celebrities uncensored.

lick bush + bill gillespie + noah glass

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