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   Tuesday, May 25, 2004  
a hot babe wants to have lunch with me and i told her to pick me up at 1pm so i could write to you. is that sick? yes it is.

lots of things can happen when you make a hottie wait. the obvious of course is someone else can ask her to lunch. someone taller and richer and more powerful and handsomer.

the other thing is she can eat her mellonballs by herself at her desk and pout.

the other thing is she can suddenly get really busy and have to cancel.

fortunately if you fly chopper one you have a tiny bit of pull at the xbi and a hottie might wait for twenty minutes and get some extra work done.

lets keep our fingers crossed that this will be the case.

my editor wrote me earlier this afternoon to tell me that the forum, formerly the Fabulous Forum, and formerly the Great Western Forum is located in Inglewood, which of course i knew since i lived about four blocks away from the LA landmark in the late 80s.

he was writing to tell me that Inglewood has been an incorporated city since 1908.

and therefore not part of South Central LA.

to which i say, whatev.

but thats why hes my editor. splitting hairs is what i (dont) pay him to do. attention to detail is what hes best at.

whats fascinating is that he knew this fact seconds after i posted it.


i hear he has a new babe.

im happy for him cuz hes a good man.

now its time for a little soup as im feeling a tad bit under the weather.

but just a tad.

although miss montreal, upon hearing this, refused to kiss me all night last night. a first.

and if she didnt have sudden plans to have a stupid ass memorial day party this weekend, i was planning on driving her up pch and banging her every 50 miles.

i guess i will have to find another cheerleader to join me.


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