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   Wednesday, June 30, 2004  
danielle said lets blow this taco stand and i said i dont have any more c4. she said no, i mean lets make like a tree and get the fuck outta here. i was all language madame! she was all vous les vous couchez avec moi c'est saw. i was all c'est saw? she was all, can we please have lunch now?

so we cruised over to the new thai place at the strip mall on crescent heights and it was valet only and she doesnt let anyone driver her benz cept me. so we rolled. then we went over to the grove and at lunchtime traffic and parking was a bitch. youd think it was christmas.

then we cruised down beverly and she found some "cute" restaurants, which obviously means the food is great. but we got swooped from our meter parking spot and danielle pounded on her steering wheel cursing the good lord. i was all easy on the blasphemy baby. and she was all, where is your god? where! where!!!!?

and i said hes at kfc whipping up some popcorn chicken and she said fine.

i was all, what are you going to get there.

she said nothing!

i was like, you have to get something, its lunch, we've spent a half hour driving. get a salad.


get a ear of corn.


get a thing of mashed potatoes or mac n sleeze.

hell no!

and she didnt. we drove thru, got my deal and she huffed.

i was all, i cant eat this with you sitting there all pissed. lets go to the dog.

so we went to black dog and there she stood in line for another 10 minutes longer than normal and i swore she was either going to throw a chair through the plate glass window or cry.

so when she marched to the car i said lets do a quickie little photo shoot.

and that cured her.

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