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   Monday, July 26, 2004  
tivo-ing the convention by tony pierce, 110

all times pacific

1pm: terry mccauliffe starts the show on time. theres a lot to be said of people who can get shit started when it's supposed to.

sad thing is, far as c-span is showing, theres only about 100 people on the floor to enjoy it.

he's shouting. i dont like people who shout on the mic. its why god invented mics.

1:02pm: rev. stephen ayres gives a nice little talk about the heroics of the guy who had to put the lanterns in the steeple so Paul Revere knew if the brits were coming by land or by sea.

it's a good speech, and it made me shiver thinking what would it be like to see two lanterns up in there.

biggest best navy coming to get you.

he breaks into a prayer and people are walking behind him, smiling. so not cool.

1:08 an honor guard presents their flags. the colors. when i see military guys i usually dont think democrats. im not sure why.

1:09 a pennsylvania state rep comes on stage and gives the pledge of allegiance. the 150 people who are on the floor clap. the world doesnt end.

within the first ten minutes church and state has mixed with the military and nobody got hurt. if anything, it was pretty much ignored. as usual. as it should.

1:09 miss teen new mexico walks on stage. shes hot. sorta looks bitchy. maybe shes nervous. doesnt look like a teen.

starts singing like a teen. sings like she wants to be xtina. holds notes way too long. accents weird parts of the word. the two hundred people find it impossible to sing along.

oh no. she cant hit the high notes at ALL. wtf? i worked for the sf giants for a year in '97. i heard the anthem done almost 80 times. do people not listen to the tapes? in all of beantown, this is all you got?

time to crack open a cold one.


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