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   Monday, August 09, 2004  
god am i exhausted. last night i was up till 3am talking politics with welch and blair. a completely delightful evening.

earlier in the day ms. heather rabbit was there, cathy seipp and her lovely daughter was there, mr. mickey kaus was there telling me that i am the only blogger that has ever gotten laid from his blog (not true), amy alkon, ben sullivan, kate sullivan, greg and molli rudnick, and of course lil sean.

all was good in the hood.

mr. steve coulter was there cooking up some delicious pork for us with his lovely wife heather. shanon and justin were there.

coulter by the way is the new drummer for the Royal Trux.

it was a crazy night, and yes that is eddie van halen on the left.

i must insist how great it was talking to tim about poltics.

the guy knows aussie history and politics, american history and politics, and middle east history and politics. and hes funny. and hes evenkeeled.

and he does a pretty good ken layne impression at times.

and he has some bright ideas about how conventions should be run in the future which i wont reveal at this time.

it was gorgeous last night and we all sat outside under the palm trees listening to the possums eat from the fruits of the trees.

the pit bulls barked at the moon,

and the neighbors yelled at their wives.

fullon east hollywood on a sunday night.

blair confided that he didnt read my blog very much because he got jealous of all the girls that i got and i was all, dude, nothing in here is true

and he said nothing?

and i said nothing,

and welch said, he gets way more ass than he writes about.

and when they looked at me for confirmation i just took another swig from my green bottle of beer.

cuz nobody likes a braggart.

linda + matt welch + emmanuelle

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