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   Thursday, September 23, 2004  
so what do you do when you come home after a hard day and you see a hand written note on your front door threatening you if you continue to write negative things about the president of the united states on your blog.

you blog of course.

dear needle dicks

i am going to the pixies concert in about 20 minutes. it should last a few hours.

when i come home i want you to be there. i will make sure that i am alone.

if you want to be there alone, you can. if you want to bring some friends, be my guest but i only want to talk to you.

for five minutes, as thats all youre worth.

youre not worth that little time because of your beliefs, but because of your practices. plus i barely see my own friends for more than five minutes a week, so dont go thinking that im disrespecting you because im not. even if you disrespected me.

and my beautiful door.

you may want to fight me. that would be a dumb thing to want, but ive noticed that not too many intellectuals follow the causes that you're aligning yourself with. therefore if we must throwdown leave your wallet at home as it is xbi policy to rid our adversaries of their dead presidents after you force us into action.

you might want to leave your shoes in your car because sometimes we like to take those as youre shaking on the street too.

i realize that politics usually brings out the worst in people and rarely their best, which is why i try to keep my writing out of the genre. but i read a lot and when i see that a point isnt being spoken about, i try to say it. or in this case, write it down.

yes it's true that i write on the web site that you mentioned under a different name. it's true that i have the beliefs that i have, and you have yours. what's false is the impression that you have that if you intimidate enough writers to shut up then your man will win the election. that concept is infact laughable. i am laughing right now.

i am still laughing.

i just returned from changing my shirt and i laughed a little in the dressing room.

your ideas and your practices are remarkably old school. pre-historicly old school. you want me to agree with your theory that the current president needs to stay in office because voting him out would give the terrorists the idea that they've "won" and because voting kerry in would be dangerous to the future of america.

because in your opinion the silver and bronze starred vietnam vet is somehow soft on evil.

in many respects i am more liberal than senator kerry.

i believe that marijuana should be legalized and those in jail for most drug related crimes should be released from prison.

i believe that AIDS research monies should be tripled, that junior colleges should be free, and that health care should be socialized like your mama is.

come over tonight with the intention to do me physical harm and you will see how soft i am regarding evil.

and i didnt volunteer for nam.

i dont know you, i dont really want to know you, but i will meet you tonight for five minutes and you can either apologize and skateboard back to your studio in the valley or you can walk home penniless and barefoot.

or while i am gone you can write me an apology which will conclude with i will never threaten any human being again, i was wrong.

here comes your man,

tony pierce

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