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   Wednesday, October 27, 2004  

i didn't know one could beat a curse by buying a world series title

second highest payroll in baseball

$12,500 behind the Yankees in median salary

but great for Boston fans, just like it was for Yankee fans, and the '01 D-back fans, and the '97 Marlins fans.

- jules

easy jules.

$11.5 mil went to nomar who didnt beat the yankees and didnt beat the cards.

some of the people who did beat those teams included mark bellhorn $490k, keith foulke $3.5 mil, derek lowe $4.5 mil. bill mueller $2.1 mil, and johnny damon at $8 mil.

their most clutch hitter and mvp david ortiz made $4.6 mil.

of course youre going to have to pay for pedro, manny, and schilling - those guys arent free.

plus they were competiting regularilly with the yankees who had 8 guys making over $10 mil each.

the story of the 2004 red sox might be many things but it's not the tale of theo epstein breaking the bank to outspend steinbrenner.

his last big trade, if you remember was one where he let go of nomar in a multi team deal so that the sox would have better defense.

dramatic, bittersweet, not sexy, but successful.

when i think of this postseason i will think far more about how they came back 3-0 against the hated yankees, holders of the richest team salary in baseball history, and swept the next four games.

and won four more in a row in the world series against the st louis cardinals, holders of the best record in baseball this year.

but mostly i will think about curt schillings bloody red sock,

and how they won the world series

their first in 86 years

the night of a lunar eclipse.

bambinos curse + boston dirt dogs + surviving grady + obey pedro

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