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   Monday, October 04, 2004  
did he fall out of love with the girl? or did she realize that he was no longer her one true thing?

either way white stripes frontman jack white and perky renée zellweger might still be down with love, just not with each other - or anyone else for that matter the actress told The Sun.

however if you see a flirty look from the bridget jones brunette in first class on your next united airlines flight, you might want to smile back.

"I'm just not interested (in anyone) at the moment," zellweger told the british paper. "(But) you know, I'm always on a set or on a plane... we'll see."

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Janet Leigh, the stunning blonde favorite of Hitchcock's classic film "psycho" passed away in her Beverly Hills home yesterday.

Married four times, most famously to Tony Curtis. Mother of Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis. Leigh was 77.

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John Woo obviously getting tips from George Lucas regarding liscensing and merchandising royalties announced that he will be directing and producing the film He-Man, variety is reporting.

Woo who held such promise when he crossed over from directing chinese films to hollywood blockbusters with hits like broken arrow, hard target, face/off, and mission impossible II has officially decided to sell out, it appears.

earlier this year the director announced that he will be teaming up with The Rock to direct and produce a film based on the cheesy video game Spy Hunter.

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