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   Tuesday, October 12, 2004  
the_busblog: rock childe

karisa: yo

the_busblog: busy?
karisa: not crazy so.
karisa: how are you/

the_busblog: not bad
the_busblog: i want to interview you for this bosox/yankee thing about to go down

karisa: haha- oh yeah?

the_busblog: how about in 30 minutes?

karisa: ok!

the_busblog: ok ready?

karisa: haha- i think so :-)

the_busblog: karisa j, your team has made it past the anaheim angels
the_busblog: any mixed feelings about your home team creaming the local squad?

karisa: haha- none whatsover.
karisa: i don't care if i lived IN angels stadium.
karisa: i have never, ever been an angels fan.
karisa: and i hate their stadium even more.
karisa: waterfalls?
karisa: AND the WORST food ever.
karisa: worst.

the_busblog: you didnt have the carrot cake?

karisa: no- but i bet if i did it would have sucked.
karisa: i mean, how can you ruin a pretzel.
karisa: and a sausage grinder?
karisa: and a hot dog?
karisa: AND- how can you justify playing a lame song like 'calling all angels' EVERY inning.

the_busblog: easy tiger

karisa: boston fans would have raided the pa booth and beat the person playing it up.
karisa: sorry.

the_busblog: do you have any angst saved up for the yankees?

karisa: you asked ;-)
karisa: hahahah- don't get me started.

the_busblog: tonights game stars which pitchers?

karisa: my man, schilling.

the_busblog: pedros not your man?

karisa: he is....
karisa: but i am nervous for him.
karisa: he's got game 2.... but i think it will be ok.
karisa: maybe... he needs to repent for last year ;-)

the_busblog: remind the readers what pedro would have to repent for
the_busblog: if it isnt too painful

karisa: haha- uh- game 7...
karisa: staying in when he should have come out. giving up that heartbreaking homerun...

karisa: i can't really talk about it anymore... ;-)

the_busblog: was that grady littles fault or pedros?

karisa: but i have a much better feeling this time.
karisa: grady's.
karisa: pedro is still on the team so i am not going to talk too much shit.
karisa: he has still done lots of good!

the_busblog: who's the new manager of the red sox?

karisa: i know who it is, tony.

the_busblog: yes but i dont karisa
the_busblog: f the al

karisa: i know it is terry francona... you do not need to quiz me about the players ;-)

karisa: hahahah!
karisa: TONY!

karisa: f the AL?

the_busblog: yes
the_busblog: the junior circuit

karisa: we have THE best rivalry in baseball though.

the_busblog: the pansy division

karisa: 'passion' division.

karisa: i don't rag on your cubs.
karisa: i wish they were in the playoffs too.

the_busblog: is johnny damon your favorite?
the_busblog: thank you

karisa: no, but i think he is great.
karisa: david ortiz is my favorite.

the_busblog: if you were single
the_busblog: and your pal kerrie was single
the_busblog: and david ortiz was sitting there
the_busblog: who would get him?

karisa: haha- she likes pokey reese.
karisa: and i don't like him in the 'i want to jump his bones' kind of way.
karisa: i think he is a great baseball player.
karisa: jason varitek is super sexy.

the_busblog: so you admit then that you do want to jump johnny damons bones

karisa: johnny damon- i'd probably just like to smoke pot with ;-)
karisa: or just have a few beers with.

the_busblog: do you like the unshaven caveman johnny or should he visit the queer eye fellas?

karisa: i think his look is working for him.

the_busblog: is this red sox team better or worse without nomah

karisa: brady is our new england representative of the metros ;-)
karisa: as hot as he is.
karisa: sigh...

the_busblog: that will be deleted

karisa: haha- whatever!
karisa: i don't want to answer that.

the_busblog: youre in post-nomar denial?
the_busblog: thats sweet

karisa: well i just think it should be left alone. we loved him while he was with us and wish him the best.

the_busblog: very diplomatic
the_busblog: now i have asked you privately
the_busblog: so i will ask you publicly
the_busblog: if the sox win the series
the_busblog: a first in 1,000 years
the_busblog: and the pats win the superbowl
the_busblog: and if kerry wins the presidency

karisa: 86 years, thank you.

the_busblog: will you pose nude for the busblog
the_busblog: you can wear red sox

karisa: hahaha- i told you. you'd have to ask permission from my boyfriend AND my mother.
karisa: and my mom has never even uttered the f-word.

the_busblog: is she a big sox fan?

karisa: i'd say bigger than myself even.
karisa: she doesn't miss a game.

the_busblog: i think i can get her to say yes
the_busblog: i would work the angle that it would be good "luck" if you agreed to such an offer

karisa: haha- i bet that would only happen if the earth's rotation decided to spontaneously change direction and she developed a severe case of schizophrenia.

the_busblog: she wouldnt even approve of it for her beloved ball club?

karisa: nope. she doesn't care about the patriots as much.

the_busblog: yes, but she loves the sox

karisa: and what makes you think my boyfriend would agree?

the_busblog: i have information that might persuade him
the_busblog: ok, yankees...
the_busblog: are you happy that the sox will play the yankees again to see who gets in the world series?

karisa: i think that it will only really count if we beat the yankees to get there.

the_busblog: in my opinion the only match up worth watching is the sox-yanks
the_busblog: who do you hate the most of the yankees?

karisa: i agree with you.
karisa: hmmmmm....
karisa: i hate derek jeter.
karisa: not a fan of sheffield.

the_busblog: more than a-rod?

karisa: more than a-rod.
karisa: a-rod hasn't proved to be too much of a threat.

the_busblog: other than the greatest catch ever?
the_busblog: how do you feel about joe torre?

karisa: honestly?

the_busblog: please.

karisa: joe torre looks like my neighbor from when i was younger.

the_busblog: ahahaha

karisa: everytime i see him i think that mr. mcdonald has quit the fire department and is posing as the coach of the yankees.
karisa: he is irrelevant to me.
karisa: nice nostalgia.

the_busblog: is zimmer still a coach for the yanks?

karisa: hmmm.... i haven't seen him in awhile- i have no idea.

the_busblog: i doubt it but i would like to see another pedro/zim brawl
the_busblog: that has to be one of the best of a long line of great sox/yanks moments

karisa: haha- nah. i think the last brawl involving a-rod was better.
karisa: ok- maybe not as memorable and/or funny....
karisa: but i still don't like to see an old man go down like that. plus, i think it sort of hexed pedro.

the_busblog: interesting
the_busblog: perhaps it did hex him
the_busblog: however if pedro pitched for any other team, youd probably hate his guts, no?

karisa: well i don't have to worry about that right now, do i? ;-)
karisa: and i don't really hate ex-red sox players usually....
karisa: unless they go to the yankees... cough (wade boggs...) cough (roger clemens)

the_busblog: as we wrap up, what is your favorite sox/yankee moment?

karisa: it will be the one where we beat them in game 5 to get into the world series.

the_busblog: was that 86?
the_busblog: my mind is foggy

karisa: no- i mean this series upcoming.

the_busblog: ahahahahaha
the_busblog: youre the best karisa, thank you for granting us this interview

karisa: hahah- my pleasure, tony :-)

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