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   Saturday, November 06, 2004  
she was twenty one and i was twenty

and she pulled down her jeans and it sat there like a cloud


blonde isnt the word for it cuz it was so fair it wasnt fair platinum in a good way silvery gold.


as if pussy wasnt a mystery enough at twenty.

and this girl was sweet and knew music but lived in orange county. so this night would be it princess capulet.

who knew voting would be so competitive she said and lifted off her sweater.

and bluecad likes her caddys and i liked mine.

formerly my grandmothers seventy six sedan de ville. grey. red leather interior. maroon really.

there once was a girl in malibu when i lived in inglewood and i worked in west la and i would sometimes drop her off after a nice long night

and drive through the curvy darkness of pch at two am careful not to hit celebrities and sea gulls

and some nights i wouldnt make it all the way home, i would park in the back of the record store i worked at and id sleep in that backseat

in those days for some reason they wouldnt think twice about a guy sleeping in his car.

in those days you could smoke pretty much everywhere.

and in those days they played music videos on the music video station.

but as great as those days were my friends there werent little clouds floating below every girls belly chain

and this is what i have to say about that

if you meet a girl that you like

and everything seems to be going okay

hang in there buddy

even if her name is a palindrome.

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