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   Monday, December 06, 2004  
its raining in la. only time this blog will give you the weather in la is when it rains.

or when its cold.

it was cold and rainy today in la.

karisa was having a little dinner party. usually i would pass. but last night i had such fun with my friends that tonight i hung out some more.

no, it wont be a trend.

karisa made stuffed mushrooms, she had brie, then she made a shrimp pasta dish, and a former coworker of hers made a delicious terra misu.

always the multitasker i brought over a pillowcase of dirty laundry to undirty.

as we drank and nibbled and watched football and listened to music i noticed that i was playing with the only cat that ive ever really liked

bad kitty.

and i remembered how this cat and his brother, good kitty, were a terror as kittens and how they got super sick and how one of them got hit by a truck.

and i remembered how many times i had either told karisa to kill the cats or sell them or toss them out a moving car or anything other than have these expensive headaches.

but fortunately nobody listens to me.

karisa would lay on her couch and mother these cats and totally care for them no matter what often times falling asleep cuddling them.

she taught them to be outside animals and somehow she taught them to come to her when she would whistle - or even open the door.

some say she mastered those skillz on non-cats, but im telling you, she had both good kitty and bad kitty perfectly trained.

and the lesson that i learned tonight was to never give up on pussy

no matter how crazy and unmanageable it might seem in the early stages.

for if you hang in there

it could end up being the best youve ever had.

and when i went out to get my laundry out of the drier, bad kitty followed me out,

cuz it can be crazy out there on the cold wet streets of hollywood, at night.

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