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   Monday, December 20, 2004  
today is kristin's twenty-second birthday, i wonder what she wants.

i hope she knows she can have anything.

i hope all of you know that.

i knew kristin when she was just nineteen she reminds me. i knew her when she was just starting up madpony with her sister.

now shes (still) a big star on the web, and i still get hits from her blog.

shes better than me in so many ways and i dont blame the world.

her life is a real one and its interesting and madpony is just the tip of the iceberg of her accomplishments and im glad ive gotten to know her a little more than than just from her blog.

our oklahoman is super sweet, shes smart, she works hard, shes a great friend, shes a good sister, shes a great daughter, she does pretty much everything right, and she does it in that hot southern accent.

just like the ramones was mostly johnny, madpony was mostly kristin so we probably shouldnt ask for more from her, but it wouldnt suck to get a comeback.

i still dont know enough about sorority girl life in 2005, or what its like to go to a game in norman while their team is top rated and their fans are insane.

or what things are like in her town now that they have to take on southern cal in the orange bowl where they will probably lose.

im glad to learn about shopping and shoes and things like that, but i want even more.

would it be so hard to ask for a photo essay sometime soon?

we're lucky to have what we have, and you must admit, there arent many kristins.

happy birthday baby.

your biggest fan,


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