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   Friday, February 11, 2005  
dave navarro is a stud. not that you need me to tell you that.

any time people ask me if i could switch places with anyone living or dead it would be him.

janes addiction was my favorite band for so long and dave was the biggest reason for that. i was lucky enough to see janes for free at ucsb, i saw them play with the pixies and primus, i saw them during the first lalapalooza, and recently i saw them on their comeback mini tour up in santa barbara.

i also saw him play with the chili peppers a few times, once during a benefit at the hollywood palladium, and once at the first tibetan freedom concert.

fucker cant seem to play with a shirt on and if i had a body like his i bet my clothes wouldnt feel worthy either.

not only is dave married to one of the hottest women alive, but she also appears to be one of the coolest. to me they make a perfect couple.

unlike some rockstars who would be happy with just sitting around counting his cash and talking dirty to his old lady, dave is one of the bright spots on the LA radio dial with his one-of-a-kind alternative radio show where he is allowed to play anything he wants and have on any guest that will call in or hang out with him.

on top of that his side band is a mecca of local music heroes who sit in with him and play at clubs like the key club and the wiltern. he gets guys from guns and roses to jam with him just as easilly as courtney love, juliette lewis and many others.

dude's living a dream.

just as naturally he took to blogging. is the perfect celeb blog. he writes a little about his life and oftentimes he will answer about 10 questions that his readers and fans asked him on the previous day and hes not afraid to take a stand.

he blogs with the same ease that he talks about music on his radio show or rocks on stage.

today he linked me and im on fucking cloud nine.

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