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   Saturday, February 19, 2005  
raymi gets interviewed by

Q: In the small world of Toronto blogging, your site is one of the more popular destinations. What's the secret to your success?
A: lots of photos, being around for awhile and being consistent, not holding back and or being predictible. in the beginning it was all photos of my face and my body and nudity and getting people interested at looking at me like a poor man's celebrity but after awhile you realise that having a blog with 95 per cent of the photos of you leaning against a wall is boring and overdoing it. my writing is manic and to the point so that holds well with the ADD crowd. i guess i am kind of cynical and funny and cheesy. these aren't really success tips or secrets it's just what i've been doing, what i do.

Q: Better Living Centre, a new Toronto blog, has twice now featured your replies to Rebecca Eckler's Advice to the Lovelorn questions. "Dear Raymi" seems to be a hit, any plans to make this a regular feature?
A: ask them. i have no problem in doing it on a regular basis.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years? Will you still be blogging?
A: i will still be blogging and i will probably be saying I STARTED BLOGGING TEN YEARS AGO to shitbag kids and their mothers. hopefully i won't be old or fat looking.

Q: It seems you've developed an interesting relationship with fellow blogger and Canadian rock star Matthew Good. Give us the straight up goods (pun totally intended) on him. Dude or dud?
A: definitely a dude and hates on people who are only interested in really expensive clothes and has an angry-schtick which i find amusing and he knows a lot about technology unlike other musicians so that's brownie point right there.

Q: Has Matt asked you to guest on his next album? Your bio suggests you have musical roots.
A: no are u retarded?

entire interview is here

and now for an excerpt from the latest "Dear Raymi"
Dear Raaaaaaymi,

I have been dating for years and years. If there is one thing I've learned it's that the men I'm attracted to are wrong for me. I've met a few of those "really nice guys" every girl professes they want, but I'm never attracted to them. I know many women are attracted to the bad boy. I would like to change. I would like to fall in love with one of those "nice guys," except I am never attracted to them. How do I do this? – Need a Change
Dear you are boring,

i am so tired of people saying that nice guys finish last crap and women being attracted to "bad boys". do you think men sit around going man i wish i could only fall for a nice girl but i just can't so i have to go for a bitch, why me, wah wah, shut up. so you seem like one of those nice girl types but if you got with a nice guy type you would both be boring and wear sandals together and make friendship bracelets. so what. going for the bad guy is a cop-out and essentially means you are relying on this dude to be the interesting one so you can wow all your stupid bitch friends over lunch about how wild he is meanwhile he is secretly banging all of them and they aren't even telling you so you know what, date the nice guy and save yourself the heartache.
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