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   Monday, March 28, 2005  
why are anonymous negative commentors so repulsive?

let me count the ways.

first they're cowards. anyone can snipe from the hills from a blind and spew out falsities and lies and bullshit and malarkey. anyone. remember when that kid did it from the trunk of an old car in washington dc? he was pathetic. a pathetic mess. i dont want to believe that there is something about my blog that attracts pathetic cowards to my shit, so thats one reason i hate anonymous negative commentors.

second they're usually wrong. when youre right you sign your name to things like john hancock. you sign it like you mean it. youre saying fuck yeah tony im into this just like my name is _____ ______. when people dont put their name next to their bullshit they're almost admitting that they're wrong and full of shit. so why bother us with your trifles? the busblog deserves better. the web deserves better. america deserves better.

thirdly, they're probably hiding something. you think im kidding about working for the xbi? every person who clicks this page leaves behind a traceable identifying piece of information that outs them. very very very few of you block where youre coming from and those who leave comments have very little means to cloak their (and their computer's) identity. these fools know that, but they still play the kiddy cat and mouse game and make me click one button to find out who they are. and when i find out i say, oh no wonder that person isnt being transparent, that person is never transparent. perhaps when these people are being transparent i will want their comments, but not until then. so f off. lying liars are for right wing talk radio, not the busblog.

fourthly, they usually cant write for shit. youd think having a mask and hood would pump them up with a fearlessness where they could write from the heart and blow us away with their newfound quasicourage, but no. sadly they never could write in the first place and therefore have no practice in busting decently even without the burden of their regrettable family name. so they now bore us with whines and belches without reading what they're so outraged about. who are they to judge when nothing they have done is admirable?

ultimately they have brought loads of negative attention onto themselves and proven nothing about their point other than they are too chicken shit to figuratively stand behind it, therefore they admit to not fully believing in what they wrote and yet still they ask us to consider it.

as if.

either roll back up into the cowardly ball of smegma that you obviously find yourself in most of your life, or suck it up and be a man once in your life and put your worthless name and worthless email address and or blog address on your bullshit the next time you dare question hewhoridesthebus.

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