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   Friday, April 01, 2005  
apparently i am a white guy who runs a porn magazine

from Laura Kovacs blog:
Tony Pierce's blog has gotten really interesting to me. I actually think he's in charge of a porn magazine or something like that (he talks about Lick a lot, I think that's the name), but he has some interesting posts. I found him through Peter, who found his how to blog post that has gotten a lot of attention. He posts like 5 times a day or more, so if there is something not too interesting (like Motley Crue right now), I just move on to the next entry. Of all the blogs I have on Bloglines, his is the most interesting and thought out I think. And I am trying to follow his laws of how to blog, at least some of the time. It's hard to post every day when all you do is go to work, come home and watch tv, then sleep.
from downtown alleys:
anyway, let me start by saying i dont read many blogs. there are a few, which i'll list for you below, in a very generous fashion, but usually i dont really give a fuckin rats ass about a single thing most bloggers have to say. like there is this guy. who everyone seems to be freakin about. like, all my homies [in cyberland, which in of itself is kinda strange] is on his tip. and these are people i respect! they all think he is, how do you zey in de american, zey "bomb?" so i inevitably went to check him out and he just seemed to be some white dude in LA. i mean, he didnt come off as offensive or stupid, he could actually be a pretty swell guy. i just didnt care. see, being a heterosexual male from san francisco, and now living in brooklyn, by rule, i just dont care for white guys in LA. i dont even put enough energy into it to NOT LIKE them. i just dont care. and when i read his shit i got that same feeling i get whenever someone mentions a white guy from LA. meh. but he seems to be the ruler of bloggerverse and all the shorties wanna lick his dick. whatever.

and he is the only one i culd think of off the top of my head [bravo white guy from LA. you stood above the rest. i guess, in the end, you win. and that was TOTALLY in a gay way], so im just gonna say that most blogs i have read are people whining about feelings they wish they had. they are just bored and looking for attention [kinda like me] and want someone to say "yes i understand." there is nothing wrong with this, im just not tryin to waste my time reading it. hell, id rather write crap than read it. i thought that was the way it was supposed to be done. apparently, there is a whole other art to blogging. and its one i trust. see, its best if you write something that people might want to READ.
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