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   Sunday, June 05, 2005  
um, saying um is gay

typing lol is gay

stereotyping is gay

having all the money and every modern communication and military device in the history of mankind and still not being able to find osama is gay,

not getting revenge on those responsible for 9/11 nearly four years later is gay.

spending more than twenty minutes getting ready is gay

manicures, pedicures, and shaving your pubes is gay

anything that goes in your ass is gay

if youre still watching queer eye youre gay
or the oc or will and grace or golden girls reruns.

being in korn is gay.

spotting another dude at the gym is gay.
football players holding hands in the huddle is gay
athletes slapping each others ass is gay
soccer players hugging each other on the ground after a goal is gay.

coldplay is gay. pearl jam is gay. dave matthews band has always been gay.
rem was gay but then wasnt and now theyre supergay.

using a laptop while drinking coffee at a starbucks is gay.

your abecrombie and fitch anything is gay.

paying more than $50 for shoes is gay.
pink is and has always been undebateably gay.
sushi is gay. condos are gay. your bmw is probably gay.

department stores are gay. alphabetized dvd collections are gay.
park in rear signs are funny.

details magazine wasnt anything close to gay, but now its totally gay.
rolling stone is gay but keeps trying to be gayer and fails.

jeff gannon not talking about being gay is gay

my lawyer has just informed me that tom cruise, john travolta, and beck are not gay i repeat not gay. at all.

the president is gay. the red state blue state gayness is gay.
not letting gays get married is gay.

Christians who dont read the bible are gay.
soldiers who piss on the koran are gay.

rush limbaugh was gay but then he became a druggie.

i never thought matt drudge was gay nor do i care, but his blog is gay.

the fact that our oil family president has presided over the gasoline price soar and nobody has called bullshit on it is gay.

calling paris hilton ugly is gay.

diet sodas are gay. carbonated water is gay. hating on michael jackson is gay.

the fact that im the first person to admit this is gay, but males who arent in high school using livejournal are gay.

nick lachey in 98 degrees was gay, when he married jessica that was also gay, and now that hes probably divorcing her is not gay but makes him gay.
if at any point you were in a boy band with all white dudes, youre gay.

wrestling is gay. wrestlers are not gay.

unless youre a pirate or a woman, earings are gay.
if youre a pirate theyre arrrrrrrrright, but borderline.

tea is gay, yogas gay, criticing peoples spelling and grammar is gay.

i didnt know it for a long time, but calling someone a fag is gay.

business suits are gay, desperate housewives is gay,

tv shows that show you whats "next after the break" are supergay and i hate them. im watching the damn show dont punish me because youre taking a commerical break!

homosexuality lesbianism and or being transgendered isnt gay but hate ignorance and discrimination is.

ticketmaster is gay. assraping iraqi kids is gay. covering it up is impeachable.

criminalizing weed is gay. low fat anything is gay.
peir one imports and the virgin megastore are both gay. as are raves.

getting upset about calling gay things gay is gay.

brad pitt was gay but now hes not, though i wish he were.

that sounded really gay.

two girls kissing isnt gay, two dudes kissing is gay and theyre gay for life.

perfume and cologne samples in my magazines are gay and should be outlawed.

the fcc, male models, and people who think the medias liberal are gay.
and anonymous negative commentors are called flamers for a reason.

seacrest out.

melting dolls is gay + i went to antis gay bd party yesterday + because there wasnt any parking at heather's (cuz of the gay party up the street)

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