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   Tuesday, September 20, 2005  
busblog podcast interview: Busy Philipps of "Love, Inc."

You first saw her in "Freaks & Geeks", then you saw her in "The Smokers", then in "Dawson's Creek" and last summer in "White Chicks".

If you dont watch "Survivor" or "CSI" on Thursday nights, you should consider tuning into UPN. If you check out "Everyone Hates Chris", stay tuned to watch Busy in "Love Inc." which I can honestly say is a good old-fashioned sitcom. It's witty, it's funny, it's quick and it's packed full of hot babes.

This evening I was invited to Busy's hollywood home to watch the season premiere on dvd two days before it makes it to your house... as she got ready to see Interpol at the Greek.

Afterwards we sat down and talked about her show and her career for a good half hour and she was candid, funny, and right on the money.

What I learned was the show was originally slotted to star Beverly Hills 90210 bad girl Shannon Doherty, but it tested poorly but UPN was committed to the show which was written and created Andrew Secunda who wrote on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. After a little bit of casting Busy was hired to star in the show.

By star, I mean star. It's her show. Yes Holly Robinson-Peete is in it, as the owner of a dating service, but the series revolves around Busy's character who is the main matchmaker.

After talking about the show we went quickly through her history as an actress including her role in the cult classic Freeks and Geeks.

I asked her if she was invited to Dawson's co-star Katie Holmes' upcoming wedding to whatshisname

And I asked her how much she cruises the web.

All in all it was a super good interview that went way fast and hopefully if things work out on the show she will invite me back because we could have easilly talked for much longer.

If you would like to hear the interview, just click here and you'll enjoy the 22 minutes of love.

by the way, for all the Stern fans out there, i did ask her if she was interested in going on Howard's show and she not only said yes but said she likes the show. so you gotta love her.

if any other tv stars want to be podcast, just have your people messenger over a reel... :)

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