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   Thursday, October 06, 2005  
last night i did something that i havent done in a long time. twins? no.

i went to an LA Press Club event.

a mixer.

a social soiree.

an outing.

a panel discussion.

a place not frequented by barely legal young ladies.

and i loved it.

i went because in my upcoming new gig with Buzznet, part of my duties, so i believe, will be to go out into the world and help hype the product.

i also went because i have had very nice experiences at the LA Press club events and i like their mixture of libertarian politics, intellectual conversations, polite debate, and free booze.

last night was sponsored by my favorite blog the, run by my bro Ben Sullivan, who was not in attendence because he was in south america with his magnifying glass, or something.

but his spirit was there.

one of matt welch's cohorts from Reason moderated a three-person panel who debated the importance of Federal support of Science, and its impact on the development of scientific breakthroughs. completely fascinating because i had never even thought of the influence of politics on science.

boy was i naive.

the two most debated examples were stem cell research and missle defense. one being pretty impossible to acheive (yet it is fully funded by the government) and one is far more likely to acheive (yet it is sparsley and reluctantly funded by this administration).

i sat comfortably between the ravishing Bonnie Bills and the always wonderful Mark Cridland. Bonnie whispered that she was afraid that i was being offended by the scientists' criticsms of the american evangelicals who stifle science because it may destroy their faith, however i was worried that Crid might be offended because they were bashing Bush pretty hard.

i was not at all offended because when true Christians (and not these fake ones) finally take power, they will cease with this faux drug war and allow the natural herbs grow as the Lord intended and our elderly will be able to ingest medical mary jane as we californians voted that they should.

i had such a lovely time i promised that i would come back to another event sometime soon and i meant it.

as in certain situations like church or a baseball game, or a combonation: a springsteen concert, sometimes its just super cool to be surrounded by like minded intellegent people, in this case those who read books and remember what theyve read and write alot and are genuinely interested in the topic at hand - which last night was based in discoveries.

the woman panelist was asked why the LA Times, who she used to worked for doesnt put scientific breakthroughs on the front page any more, and everyone wondered allowed, yeah, why not.

and i thought, shit the busblog definately doesnt do that, even though sometimes thats the coolest news of the day.

so i promise to you that i will read ScienceBlog closer and more regularily so i can be better than my local rag and spread the good news of the day more freqently.

Update: Hear Matt Welch on the Radio in Calgary on The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge on CHQR 770 AM, at 6:30 pm today, talking about Superdome fantasies and other Katrina-related stuff.

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